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Top Quality HSS Shaper Cutter Used in Various Application

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Super Tools Corporation is HSS Shaper Cutter Manufacturer. Specially designed under the concept of profile optimization that is to maximize tool life, assuring dimensions of the part within needed tolerances. Cutters made from high quality raw material. STC exports various HSS Shaper Cutter worldwide as per customer requirements.

Below are the most important types of HSS Shaper Cutter:

Disc Type Shaper Cutter

 STC is a Disc Type Shaper Cutter Manufacturer based in India. Specially designed to cut any type of gear like internal or external, spur or helical. Also used to cut splines, serrations, sprockets or many other involute forms, and for cutting internal gears, splines, both spur and helical. Manufactured in a diameter range from 10 mm to 120 mm or 0.5” up to 4”. Also designed for external use if required. Module Range of this cutter is 1.5 to 7. The Material that we used is HSS M35, ASP 2030, ASP 2052, and ASP 2060.

Shank Type Shaper Cutter

STC provides a wide range of Shaper Cutters which include Disc Type, Hub Type, and Shank Type, and so on in customized material grades and sizes. Precisely fabricated using the high quality material grade. Products is also tested on different quality grounds so as to provide a defect free collection. Item is largely applauded by our customers owing to its superior high quality. Accuracy Class of this cutter is AA/A as per DIN 1829. Surface Coating: TiN, TiCN, ALTIN, ALCRONA, and Module Range is: 1 to 3.75 Module. 

Hub Type Shaper Cutter

Purpose of the Hub Type Shaper Cutter is to cut internal components. So, they are most recommended for cutting long-width or coarse pitches. In normal terms, any tooth form, face width, or the number of teeth that are also available. Manufactured with a hub-type fitting. STC Shaper Cutter can be made in any material grade and size range. The material that we used in the Hub Type Shaper Cutter is HSS M2, M35, M42, ASP30, ASP52, and S390.

Helical Shaper Cutter

 Helical Shaper Cutter, having their teeth leaning at a helix angle to the cutter axis and follow along a helical path. Frequently used for helical gear cutters, and also used in automotive gearboxes. Manufactured as per customers’ specific requirements. Additionally, the range offered by STC Gear Tools is mainly known for its excellent finish, corrosion resistance and durable standards. The Helix Angle of this cutter is 15°, 23° and Hole Diameter is 31.743.

Timing Pulley Shaper Cutter

 It works with higher performance and lasts for a very long time. Usually, accuracy classes are AA and A. Made to suit other accuracy standards also. Manufactured with smooth finishing and accurate edges. It is available in different modules and ranges. The material that we used in the Timing Pulley Shaper Cutter is: High Speed Steel M2, Delivery Hardness ≤ 255HB, Harding Temperature: 1220 – 1240 Degrees, Hardness ≤ 63. Diameter of the cutter is 100mm ~ 120mm.

Chain Sprocket Shaper Cutter

 We are a Chain Sprocket Shaper Cutter Manufacturer in India, usually supplied in American Standards. Shaper Cutter  range starts from 1/4” to 3” pitch or 5mm to 76.2 mm. Chain Sprocket Shaper Cutters  are also available in bell or disc type shaper cutters. STC offers these Chain Sprocket Hobs in a wide range of specifications at affordable prices. Outside Diameter of these shaper cutters is 70 – 180 mm and Overall Length: 60 – 240 mm. Made in special sizes and dimensions that are furnished at rate powerful options as per the desires of our customers.

Special Shaper Cutter: 

Manufactured at our premises based on as per customer requirement or drawings. Various sizes and dimensions are available with the best coating and high-quality. If you have any specific size requirement, you can send us the complete details and we will deliver you the product within a short time period.

Skiving Shaper Cutter: 

STC is a HSS Shaper Cutter Manufacturer (Skiving Shaper Cutter) base in India. Made from high-quality raw material therefore it ensures world class quality and excellent performance. Manufactured for straight and helical involute gears. The tool life of the cutter depends upon gear dimension, cutter specification and materials. All types of material and size range are provided by us based on customers’ specific drawings and sizes. Material: PM-HSS, Carbide, and Standard and Non-Standard Involute.


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