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Top Features to Consider while Choosing a Barcode Reader SDK

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Barcodes have been around us for a very long time. They are ubiquitous, and their usage continues to grow in various applications across multiple industries. If your business involves barcode technology, then you need a barcode reader as well. While the free barcode readers can tackle simple tasks, you’ll need a commercial-grade barcode reader SDK for the complicated ones. Go through this blog to discover the top features you must consider while choosing a barcode reader SDK. 

Ability to Read Multiple Barcode Symbologies 

An important barcode reader feature, the solution you choose must scan a wide range of barcode symbologies. It should include all common 1-dimensional and 2-dimensional barcode symbologies. Depending on the industry, it must also read GS1 DataBar, Patch Codes, Postal Codes, and GS1 Composite codes. After all, you wouldn’t want to be in a situation where your barcode reader struggles while scanning a barcode. 

Fast Recognition Speed 

Speed is yet another crucial barcode reader feature that you must consider. The barcode reader SDK should be able to scan multiple barcodes at one time. Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK is one such solution that can read more than 500 barcodes in a minute. Hence, it is considered one of the best in the industry. 

Read Barcodes from Multiple Sources 

You may have to scan a barcode from a live stream at times, while the other times, you may have to read barcodes on a PDF. To keep the struggle away, look for a barcode reader that can scan video streams on a  mobile phone, read PDFs and large images in a desktop service, and can scan static images from industrial cameras of high resolution. This way, you’ll never have to face any problem with barcode scanning

Perform Scanning in Challenging Environment 

Whether there’s low lighting, glare, or shadow, the barcode reader SDK you choose should be able to work fine in all such conditions. Unfortunately, most open-source barcode reading solutions fail to perform well in challenging environments. Hence, it will be best to go for a barcode reader that can read barcodes in any challenging environment. 

Ability to Read Tough Barcodes 

Incomplete barcodes, wrinkled barcodes, and angled barcodes can become a challenge for an ordinary barcode reader. However, a commercial-grade barcode reader SDK can make things much easier for you. A good barcode scanning solution can read crumpled QR codes, tiny barcodes, and dense codes. 

Customization Capability 

Since the needs of every business differ, you should seek a barcoding solution that proffers customization capability.  It should be easy to customize as per your business requirements, as and when required. This feature is only available with an enterprise-grade barcode reader as the open-source ones only come with a fixed set of features. 

Technical Support 

Last but not least, a barcode reader feature that most often underlook. Technical support is critical for the development of an application. No software is perfect. Hence, technical support is essential. Opt for a barcode reader provider that offers good technical support to resolve all your queries and problems. 

An Ideal Barcode Reader Solution for All Your Scanning Needs 

Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK is a leading barcode scanning solution that comes loaded with the features mentioned above. It’s a ready-to-use solution. Hence, you don’t have to develop an application from scratch. It works well in all challenging environments and can read tough barcodes too. The technical support team is always there to help you out with your queries. And, the best part is that you can download its 30-day free trial before making a purchase. 


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