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5 Reasons To Quit Smoking Right Now

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What starts as a trial becomes an obsessive addiction that’s difficult to quit. When smokers take up the first puff, it’s merely a ‘try’. Little do they know that it’ll become a lifelong habit that’s hard to quit.

Many smokers, don’t see the immediate harm. That’s the reason it’s so persistent. Until eventually you reach a point where the damage is done. And only a few can manage to return from that place.

Usually, it is blamed upon the stress of fast-paced life that people smoke. You could see the relief the smokers feel when they inhale the puff of their lit up tobacco rolled in that white paper. That’s just the brain releasing some dopamine to trigger the pleasure centre. However, once you dig deep, you find that cigarettes really offer nothing.

The only thing that satisfies the brain is the nicotine in the stick. With the nicotine, however, come several thousand chemicals that are potent enough to cause cancer, chest infections, congestion, erectile dysfunction and an overall decrease in health.

With all these things at risk, every smoker asks, is this habit worth it? Let’s explore further why you should stop smoking and if there are any alternatives to help you quit this useless habit:

It is bad for oral hygiene

Smokers usually have bad oral hygiene. For an obvious reason that chemicals in the cigarette stick to the mouth.

As a result of this, smokers have bad breath, desensitized taste buds and an overall uneasiness in the mouth.

It is bad for the environment

Cigarette smoking is bad for you and those around you. By being a smoker you contribute towards the decay of society. Because of smokers, even those who don’t smoke have to suffer. This is one solid reason to give up this habit for good.

For the greater good of society. If you don’t care about yourself at least have the courtesy to care about others!

It’s expensive in the long run

In Pakistan, a premium cigarette can be purchased for 20-30 rupees per piece. This seems cheap until you take up the habit and encounter something deadly. Hospital bills will one day tell you that it’s a costly habit. Leave it while you can.

Once you leave this you’ll regain health, feel better and be better. There’s no point in risking your life for a mere 30 rupee cigarette. If you are serious about quitting then look for better alternatives like vaping.

There are better alternatives

If you have to soothe your brain with the nicotine then go for healthy alternatives such as vaping. With vaping, you can circumvent around thousands of harmful chemicals such as tar, and other carcinogens.

Juul in Pakistan is one such alternative. The creators made it specifically to replace cigarettes. It’s carefully calibrated to give the same hit as a cigarette without the harmful chemicals. It also designed to give a slow-burning sound to give the same experience as if you were smoking a real cigarette.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve decided to make a better choice and quit smoking then that’s awesome. If you need a better alternative then consider switching to Juul.

To get Juul pods in Pakistan visit Chasemycloud where you can easily get Juul and its related accessories. Make the right choice and switch to a better alternative such as Juul. It’s time you bid farewell to smoking for good!


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