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Top 6 Tips to Ensure Health Safety in Your Beauty Salon

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Clients are the biggest asset for any business entity and they should be protected by any means necessary. Before opening up your premises to the public, you are required to meet all the safety protocols put in place by governing bodies. The Department of Cosmetology is very strict when it comes to the operation of a beauty salon. 

A representative of the board will be sent to your premises before you begin any form of operations to inspect and ascertain that it is fit for use. In this blog, we are going to look at some of the ways you can ensure your client’s safety in your beauty salon.

Sterilize Your Equipment


There are various items that you will use on more than one client in your salon. It doesn’t make financial sense to throw out a towel after every use. However, it is easy to transfer germs to your clients if they share the same towel if it is not sterilized. Delicate equipment such as eyelash extension tools should be thoroughly disinfected after every use, razors and blades should not be used more than once. There are various ways in which you can sterilize various equipment in your salon. 

You can either use moist heat by steaming them in an airtight chamber or use dry heat. Disinfectants can also work or you can simply wash them thoroughly and air them out to dry. You can do this after every use or ensure that it is done every single day before your clients start streaming in. 

Set a Strict No Mask No Service Policy


Make this a visible rule on your premises and make it a point to remind your customers to wear their face masks before coming in for their appointment. You might want to consider providing masks for your clients in case they forget to wear one. Some may also need fresh ones after their procedures; giving them one will add extra stars to your service delivery rating.

There are procedures that will require your client to be maskless such as facials; in this case, ensure that you have your protective gear so you can keep yourself and your client safe. If you are not comfortable working with a face mask on an entire day, use face shields instead.

Limit Crowding in Your Salon


To reduce traffic in the salon, inform clients that they are the only ones permitted to be present at the time of their appointment. You might alternatively ask them to wait in their car until your last client has left and then text them when your salon is ready. Request that they leave their children at home and not bring anybody else in. 

You can also re-organize the sitting arrangement in your salon to limit close contact between your customers. If you need to empty up more space for seats then do so. Make sure that you arrange your schedule to accommodate only a few clients at a time. 

Install Handwashing Stations


Make washing of hands a custom tradition in your beauty salon; for both your clients and your employees, and you, of course. You can encourage hand washing by putting up hand washing stations in different areas in your premises. Ensure that you provide soap and disposable paper towels for your customers. In addition to handwashing, have hand sanitizers for those clients who prefer them instead. This will limit the transferring of germs and other contaminants in your salon.

Ventilate Your Premises


In order to ensure proper air circulation, make sure that your salon is properly ventilated before you start your operations. You can either install large windows that allow maximum fresh air or invest in an air purifier to clean the air in the salon. This is very important especially if you want to curb the spread of airborne diseases in your salon. 

A client may come in with a cold but if your premise is properly ventilated, others will not contact the cold. Ensure that all windows and doors are wide open during the day as you swerve your customers.

Clean Your Salon Everyday


Every salon, as well as its furniture, fittings, and equipment, should be kept spotless. You should also ensure that the floors, walls, and ceilings are cleaned often. Cleaning and garbage removal should be done as needed using an efficient approach. Waste should be disposed of in appropriate containers. Avoid throwing waste carelessly to prevent environmental pollution. You can also bring in fumigation companies at least twice a year to clear your premises of any disease-causing pests. 


As much as some of these measures might cost you a considerable amount of money, you cannot afford to miss them in your salon. There are heavier fines and penalties for those who opt to cut corners when it comes to safety at a business premise. Health inspectors are always doing rounds to ensure that everything is in place and you do not want to find yourself on the wrong side of the law. Customers also prefer to work with someone who values their health and safety.


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