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Top 10 Recruitment Techniques to Help Attract Top Talents

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2020 has changed the way we do business today. With social distancing a norm, companies had to rely on technologies and tools to carry out their operations smoothly. 

Human resource managers are now starting to think of new technological methods of for interviewing and hiring candidates for recruitment. 

In other words, there has been a shift from traditional ways of hiring to a whole-new trend of exciting recruitment practices. 

If you are an HR manager and struggling to find the right candidate, we’ve got you covered. We talk about the top recruiting techniques and trends to follow to attract and hire the best candidate. 

Popular Recruitment Techniques to Watch Out

1. Develop a Company Culture That Attracts Top Talent

While designing your recruiting strategy, the foremost thing to do is identify how to attract top talents to your company’s job openings. 

Today’s workforce looks for companies that have a good reputation and positive company culture. 

While money and benefits might still be important for candidates, they are looking beyond that. They want a company culture where they can have a positive work environment and experience personal growth. 

You can take inspiration from Deloitte’s Film Festival where they encouraged their employees to make short videos demonstrating why their firm was exciting. Soon after, companies like McDonald’s and Marriott followed up with employee-generated videos. 

Investing in building a company culture can help you pitch yourself to candidates. 

2. Invest in Applicant Tracking Systems

In 2018, the market size of applicant tracking systems (ATS) was valued at $1.26 billion and is expected to reach USD 2.34 Billion by 2026. 

An ATS acts as a central database whereby all the applicants’ information is stored when applicants apply for jobs online. It provides a platform that helps process job applicants, from job postings to screening resumes and tracking interviews. 

About 90% of large companies use ATS as a critical part of their recruiting techniques. 

Besides providing actionable insights, ATS software helps reduce the time and cost associated with hiring and recruitment. 

Some of the best ATS examples are Jobvite HR, Breezy HR, and much more.  

3. Recruit and Develop Talent Internally

While there might be plenty of ways to attract candidates, companies often overlook the people already working for them. 

Your old employees don’t have to stick to their current position always. You can allow them to apply for a new opening for which you might not think they are a good match. 

Good company culture also indicates that you are continually making efforts to hone your employee’s skills for the future. 

Hiring internally is one of the best recruitment techniques in HRM as you fill the vacant position with people who already understand your company culture. You will be surprised to know how well they can perform. 

4. Reform Your Interviewing Process

Conducting interviews is particularly important as it helps identify candidates with the right skills sets. It generally involves video interviews, giving tests and assignments, and more. 

But the problem is that most recruiters end up asking a list of canned interview questions without giving it a second thought. 

Modern recruiters would know that reading a list of generic questions won’t give you a full picture of a candidate’s potential. Begin by tailoring your interview questions for each position and take your time to understand your candidate. 

This will also help enrich your interviewee experience. Besides, there are many video interviewing software that allows you to meet your candidate anytime, anywhere. It reduces the time of the hiring process by eliminating the need to travel for the interview. 

5. Data-driven Recruitment

Truth be told, a lot of recruitment is done based on gut feelings. Biased decisions are not uncommon as it involves human beings. 

However, with companies increasingly adopting recruitment technology, the whole recruiting process has become more structured. The technology-based recruitment process is driven by a solid AI strategy. 

These tools collect big data and convert them into actionable insights to help adapt, improve, and streamline their recruitment process. 

Investing in data-driven talent acquisition technologies will enable us to become smarter and faster with the whole hiring process. 

6. Mobile-first Recruitment Strategy

With the majority of millennials in the workforce, a mobile-recruitment strategy is a must. 

A mobile-first recruitment strategy is an approach to build websites and recruitments apps for mobile apps. The new generation expects their recruitment experience to be mobile-friendly. 

That means candidates should be able to access the application portal all the way to the screening process on their smart devices. You even need to display jobs on mobile devices if you want to reach a vast pool of talents. 

Recruiters need to come up with innovative strategies to attract applicants. 

7. Improved Video Interviewing and Screening

Video interviewing is an effective recruitment technique that helps improve candidate experience. 

For starters, it eliminates any geographic constraints — allowing candidates to apply from anywhere. Considering the number of interviewing platforms available today, people don’t have to visit the office for the final interview. 

Besides, recruiters can even ask applicants to send their video cover letters. It helps cut the number of in-person interviews from thousands to hundreds, saving a lot of time for recruiters. 

And, it also becomes easy to share these videos with other hiring team members. As Steve Jobs would say, “You need to have a collaborative hiring process.”

8. Focus on Passive Candidates and Talent Pipelines

Another important recruiting technique in HRM is to target passive candidates. 

First, passive candidates are less likely to require skill development. But unfortunately, only 61% of companies have a proper strategy for recruiting these talents. 

Finding and attracting top talents is becoming more and more challenging with each passing year. The best way to fill vacancies is to tap into the pool of passive candidates. 

Recruiters need to continually search and reach out to potential candidates hoping that they might be interested in working for your company. Platforms like best HR software help keep track of these candidates and maintain a database for you to initiate a conversation when the time is right. 

9. Develop Targeted Job Descriptions

If you want to attract the right candidate, you need to create targeted job descriptions. 

With more than three million job listings, how can you stand out from the crowd? Through your job description. 

If done right, your job description acts as a filter for the candidates looking for a job — allowing the best ones to apply for it. 

For starters, you can keep your description open-ended and talk about the type of person you are looking for, rather than focusing on specific skills. There are times when people have the temperament for the job, but they don’t apply because of specific skills demand. 

People can always learn and develop their skills while on the job. 

10. Choose the Right Software for the Recruitment Process

All your efforts will be wasted if you don’t choose the right recruitment software for your organization.

The main aim of recruitment software is to help companies streamline their entire recruitment and talent acquisition-related activities. 

It can be used throughout the process, depending on the software you choose. Right from job posting to candidate assessment and onboarding process — it can manage it all. 

So identify your needs and select the one that fits right into your requirements. 

Wrap Up 

Recruitment has become highly competitive in today’s world. Companies have to scan through hundreds of applications to find a suitable candidate. 

Moreover, they also have to convince the top talents to join their organization. 

It’s time to think out-of-the-box and innovative recruiting techniques and strategies that can help you stand out from the crowd. 



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