Top 7 Strategies to Drive a Car

Learn to drive

Every skill has its benefits. A skill can never be forgotten. It always helps you out for your life. Driving a car is a skill which is becoming necessary to learn nowadays. Learning to drive a car renders a great number of benefits. It makes you independent to go anywhere without relying on anybody. You will reach everywhere on time as you do not have to please anyone to drop you anywhere. It will help you save your time in several moments. So, without delaying it further, let’s learn how to drive a car.

1.      Find a Driving Teacher and Arrange a Car

You may find several individuals or institutions who provide services for driving car teaching. Sometimes a car driving teacher teaches driving on his or her car or institute’s car if you are learning from an institute. But, if you are learning to drive from any of your friends or family, then you should have a car. Maybe they too have a car, but it’s better to learn driving a car on which you are going to drive later. Apart from all that, you should never practise driving in a new car. You should arrange a used car if your teacher is not providing it for you. There are several people who do used car sale online in the UK, you can contact them to purchase a second-hand car.

2.      Learn to Know About ABC

A car’s ABC is different from the one which we have learnt in our schools. ‘A’ in the ABC of the car stands for Accelerator, B stands for brake and C stands for the clutch. The accelerator can also be referred as Race, which helps the car moving forward or backward. The clutch helps you control your car’s speed and is important to press before pressing the brake and before changing the gear. However, the brake is used to stop your car as its name shows already.

3.      Learn to Know about Hand-break of a Car

On the left side of a driving seat, you will see two things; a hand brake and a gear stick. A hand- brake is used to brake your car more strongly or especially when you are not in the car, it will keep your car stopped. By pushing down the hand-break you will release the car after which you can drive your car and when you will pull it up, it will keep your car still and immovable.

4.      Learn to Know about the Gears of a Car

Gears are of 6 types in a car, from which the 1st five helps you moving ahead according to your desired speed and the 6th one is called reverse gear, which helps you move your car backwards. 1st gear is assigned to drive at the speed of 0mph to 5mph and is changed by pressing the clutch tightly and by holding the gear stick, dragging it to the left first and then move it forward.

2nd is for the speed of 5 mph to 15 mph and is changed by moving the gear stick backward straight from the 1st gear. For 3rd gear you have to first drag the gear stick in the middle of the 1st and 2nd gear, then drag it right till the mid and then move it forward for 15mph to 30mph speed. 4th gear is for 30mph to 40mph and is changed as moving the gear stick backward straight from the 3rd gear as it is done for 2nd gear.

5th gear is also referred to as overdrive gear, which moves the car at its maximum speed of about 40mph to 60mph. The 5th gear is changed as grabbing the gear stick to the middle of the 3rd and 4th gear, then move it to right and then forward, like it is done for 3rd gear.

The last gear in reverse gear is used to make your car move backward. It can be changed by grabbing the gear stick backward straight from the 5th gear. Gear is always changed by pressing the clutch and before starting the car it is important to release all the gears and make them neutral.

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