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The Efficiency of Calcium and Vitamin D Supplement

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In addition to being a major component of bones and teeth, calcium is needed for 

  • muscles to contract, 
  • nerves to send messages 
  • and the heart to keep beating. 
  • Dietary sources of calcium include green vegetables such as broccoli and kale, sardines smothered in bones, some tofu and almonds.

Natural Calcium and Vitamin D Supplement help the body absorb the nutrients. 

The Efficiency of Calcium Supplements

Women must receive enough calcium during adolescence and early adult life. To reduce their risk of osteoporosis later on in life Calcium-rich supplements, are particularly beneficial for pregnant women because they help the baby grow healthy bones and teeth during development.

Calcium deficiency can result in muscle spasms and pain, particularly during exercise. Those who supplement with calcium may find that there is an increase in energy and stamina during their workout. A lack of calcium has also been linked to increased blood pressure and hypertension. 

Supplementation of the mineral is beneficial for people with this condition. Calcium supplementation reduces the risk of mortality from cardiovascular disease by 23 percent, making it a key player in heart health as well as bone protection.

What is Vitamin D?

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin which means it’s a vitamin that can be stored in the body. It is classes as a hormone because it controls how much calcium and phosphate we have in our bodies. 

How Does it Work?

It works by helping with the absorption of calcium and phosphate into our bones to keep them healthy and strong. If there isn’t enough vitamin D in your system. Then you won’t be able to absorb enough calcium into your bones. Which will cause them to become weak leading to health conditions such as osteoporosis.

Level of Vitamins Required

A level of 25-50 ng/ml is recommendetion for people ages 19-70 years old. If you are over 70 then you need a higher amount of 50-75 ng/ml. Because your body absorbs less of this vitamin as you get older. 

Pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers need a slightly higher amount of 75-100 ng/ml because it is essential for the development of their baby’s bones and teeth. People who require a higher dose than 100ng/ml should take Vitamin D supplements under the guidance and supervision of their doctor.


 It is not possible to tell how much vitamin D someone has in their body just by looking at them, so it is important to have regular checkups with your doctor. This way they will be able to test your levels of vitamin D and suggest various ways following which you can increase these levels e.g. increasing the amount of sunlight exposure etc. 

Some people who are lacking in Vitamin D may experience aches and pains (especially in the bones) and can lead to more serious conditions such as heart attacks, strokes, and high blood pressure.



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