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The Advantages of Drum Pulley Compared to A Conventional Pulley

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Manufacturers throughout the globe have worked to refine the conveyor system for better execution and performance. The key challenges here are to lower maintenance costs. Recently, the drum and wing pulley is used as an innovative solution to tackle this particular issue. Read on to investigate the advantages of a conveyor drum pulley compared to a standard pulley.

The Main Advantages of Drum Pulley

For starters, equipping and investing in a conveyor drum pulley will increase the life of your conveyor belt components. In addition, it will be ideal for bulk handling purposes and continuous contact needs.

The Impact of a Conventional Pulley

Companies encounter decreased productivity because materials can enlarge in a traditional drum pulley, driving traction reduction and early destruction to the conveyor belt.

Very often, this problem is not immediately noticed. What happens is that wing pulleys used on conveyor tail pulley ends can damage bulk handling systems because movable materials generally thrust in and sit under the conveyor belt.

Wing pulleys, also known as self-cleaning pulleys, include individual parts for non-continuous contact. This configuration provides material spillage to skip in the wings and reduce the volume of built-up components.

The Advantage of Drum Pulleys

Drum and wing pulleys are produced combined iron conveyor pulleys used in bulk handling applications for industries. They can handle bulk materials, including coal, minerals, gravel, sand, sugar, grain, flour, animal feed, electronics, tobacco, agricultural material, metals, textiles, and many more. The conveyor belts are valuable, and their parts are necessary for regular performances.

Since the belt is in continuous contact with the conveyor wing, the “belt-slapping” observed in standard wing pulley movement is eliminated with the drum pulley. It improves the comfort of the manufacturer by reducing the ambient noise consequently. Decreased vibration also means less stress on the belt, splice, and bearings. Keep that in mind next time you look for a conveyor tail pulley.

Drum Pulleys Increase Traction and Productivity

Conveyor drum pulleys, wing pulleys and spiral pulleys are the most current types of conveyor head pulley. Many conveyor head pulleys improve the traction of the belt, and many have crawling to diminish belt slippage.

In addition to the structural drum pulley advantages, we know that choosing the best conveyor belt pulley can get complicated, which is where Heinrich Brothers Inc. can offer expert assistance.

Heinrich Brothers provide all these services with every pulley order. With 15 years of expertise as a chain conveyor supplier, we will provide you with the installation and assistance for all the equipment sold.


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