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7 Things You Need to Know When Choosing a Data Center Partner

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Your data partner improves colocation, offers managed services, and contributes to your marketing strategies. If you’re looking for the best partner for your organization, you should factor the following considerations into your decision. With this list, you’ll have an easier time finding the service provider that’s right for you.


You might need several data centers operating out of strategic locations to deliver business continuity as well as IT deployments. You’ll also want one that’s closer to your customers as well as employees and partners. When you choose a partner, pick one that’s close to stable sources of energy. That’s key in ensuring data center connectivity. Other concerns that you need to have regarding the location of the data center company is the climate it is exposed to, the regulatory as well as market conditions in that area, and the local infrastructure that support the economy like the communication, energy, and transportation infrastructure.

Power and Cooling

Another consideration that impacts data center connectivity is the facility’s cooling and power system. Does the facility have backup sources of power as well as cooling for the data center? A single outage could lead to a power loss that you and your business can’t afford. But since data centers run hot, it’s vital that the data center’s cooling system be up to date and effective to prevent the computers from overheating and blowing out. That’s critical to keeping the data center powered up. With your data center working efficiently, your organization has nothing to worry about.


Look for a partner that offers a wide range of connectivity along with cloud options. That way, it’s easier to build hybrid multi-cloud systems. This keeps you from getting locked into a single vendor, so you choose from a selection of network providers. Consider the network carriers that the data center partner offers. Does it use software to help with the connectivity?


Are the company’s data centers protected? What kind of security measures do they have in place? You want to ask about that to make sure the facilities have layered security. With the data centers secure, you won’t have to lose sleep over the thought that the center might have problems and could even shut down in critical failure.


Consider the company’s credentials. Does the firm have certifications? Do those certifications meet with any industry? Be sure to check fi the certifications are renewed routinely as well. Ask how much downtime the facility has had in the last five years. That will give you an idea if you’ve found the right partner for your team.


One of the most important things to look for in a partner is support. You’ll need help with the installation, implementation and even the migration of your hardware as well as IT services. Will the data center provide the support you need?

Scalability Always plan for the future. Consider how your business will expand over time and if the data center can scale up and meet the needs of your growing business.


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