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Gear up to provide a bundle of home services through the TaskRabbit clone

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Hello there! If you are eyeing an ideal business opportunity to stick with, then this blog is all ears. We dwell in an era that is dominated by on-demand services. Some of the prominent on-demand services include food and grocery delivery. Apart from these two, there is a crucial on-demand service business idea that will grab the attention of your customers. It is the on-demand home services! Be it a tripping pipe or a dampened wall, let users fix them quickly by calling the service provider. It seems to be a cool idea, isn’t it?

How a TaskRabbit Clone Will Fix The Need For Home Services?

You might have come across TaskRabbit, an on-demand services company based out of the U.S. known for its home services like moving, cleaning, repairing, and every other handyman service. Let us see the working of the TaskRabbit clone

Step 1: Users and service providers will do the registration and sign in to the app.

Step 2: Users will see through the list of home services and book their preferred services. The app lets users book service providers based on the location (maybe they can book someone who is close by) or also based on the reviews given by other users.

Step 3: If the service provider accepts the request posted by the user, then the estimated arrival time will be displayed to users.

Step 4: Meanwhile, users can also make the payment for the service using the in-app payment gateways.

Step 5: As a next step, the service provider will go to the user’s location based on the address details provided by the user.

Step 6: Once the service gets completed, users can rate the service or the service provider on the app.

If you are not sure about the type of home services that can be offered via the TaskRabbit clone, then here follows a list of services.

  • Cleaning
  • Pet care
  • Car washing
  • Home repairs
  • handyman services
  • Massage services, etc.,

Critical Features Of The TaskRabbit Clone

  • Book services

After finishing the registration, users will head to book the desired services. Users must be able to book different services all at the same time. The schedule feature is an added advantage for users. Suppose a user has opted for two different services from the app. In this case, they can schedule the timings of the service so that both the services will not clash.

  • Track the service provider

Once the user has made the booking, the app will display the tracking information. Based on the tracking information, users can know the exact location of the service provider.

  • Push notifications

All information regarding the booking will be intimated to the users via push notifications. It can be about the payments, offers, discounts, etc.,

  • In-app chat

Providing the in-app chat/call facility will be of great benefit to the users and service providers. In case if they need any assistance from the admin, they can chat/call right away from the app itself. 

Booking history

The booking history feature is essential as users can track or view all the previously booked services. The history has details like type of service, date/time, payment mode, bill amount, name of the service provider, etc.,

Digital invoice

As a token of acknowledgment, the app will generate a digital invoice for every service availed by the users.

Reviews and ratings

The best to know the quality of your services is through reviews and ratings. You must value every feedback provided by users so that you can enhance your business. Also, the reviews given by one user will be helpful for another user in choosing the service.

If you are keen to know the monetization sources of the home service business, here are the different monetization channels.

Revenue channels of home services business

Charging fees – You can charge fees for every service that is being processed on your platform.

Commission fees – Your service providers will give you a certain commission percentage for every service they get from customers.

Promotional charges – You can promote the services of service providers who have registered on your app. You can list their services in the highlight section of the app so that it will easily catch the attention of users.

Advertising fees – You can advertise the services of your service providers, thereby gaining additional revenue.


While developing the TaskRabbit clone, make sure your app developer provides scalability options. In case if you want to add extra features or functionalities to the app at a later stage, the scalability feature will be of great help. Therefore, choose your app developer wisely. Good luck!


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