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How can I tighten my breast muscle?

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Are you in your mid-20s? And your breast has lost its elasticity and it’s sagging. No worry, I can help you to tighten your breast muscle. Saggy breast makes one uncomfortable and gloomy. All this will worsen your mental health and ultimately will make you feel bad about yourself. Gosh! Girl, don’t be upset you can rule this world most fashionably.

What’s the standard size, shape when we talk about breasts? The true answer is there is no definite shape and size. In this era, if you are not gifted with incredible breasts then you can have it with correct exercise, having proper food, drinking a lot of water, and a medical procedure.

Which one is the perfect Firm Breast or Saggy breast?

Don’t be silly by believing everything you see on the Internet. Perfect size with perfect elasticity, tight breast tissues, and beautiful shape and curves are nothing but an edited image. Whereas breast sagging is also called breast drooping, breast falling, or ptosis. When a firm breast loses its stiffness it looks saggy. You can tighten your breast muscle at home.

Causes for Ptosis:

Cooper’s ligaments give support to our breasts. With time, this ligament can extend and breast drooping is possible. There are countless reasons which can cause ptosis. If you are a patient of obese or perform intensive physical exercise your connective tissue can break can lead to ptosis. Overexposed to sunlight or taking a regular sunbath can also seize up your collagen secretion. Other than this some other few reasons are listed below:

  • Gravity: Invisible force which pulls down the breast leads to sagging.
  • Size and shape: Smaller boobs are small and it’s not difficult to maintain their shape and elasticity. But bigger breasts often lose their shape and tend to fall.
  • Exercise without support: Intensive exercise without proper support can break connective tissues. Wrong stretching and exercise can lead to sagging.

How can you help it?

Proper maintenance of your breasts is so important towards self-care.  You can tighten your breast muscle by following certain methods:

  • Good quality sports bra: Girl, it’s important to invest your pocket money in something as important as a sports bra. It reduces breast movement, maintains shape, manages blood circulation, and yet a smart choice. It is so much in trend. You can wear it to the gym or yoga class too with well-fit tights. This provides support to one’s breast ligament hence preventing sagging.
  • Healthy diet: One diet reflects on one’s body. Eating healthy and keeping yourself hydrated is important to keep skin tight. Maintaining a diet according to one BMI is important. Smoking is bad for breast tissue. One should consume high-rich Vitamin C foods like strawberries, papayas, lemon, kiwis, orange, guava, and rose hips. Vitamin B is important to build tissues.

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  • Exercise: The breast is not muscle but they are healthy fat. It is not possible to get firm breast tissue with exercise. But under the fat, there are connective tissues and with a proper yoga pose, you can get a firm and attractive-looking breast. Various chest movements can improve one’s breast size. Exercise like cobra pose, traveling plank, and push up, and dumbbell pullover, and many more. All this benefits muscle strength and gives a firmer look. A good posture also maintain your look and prevent ptosis
  • Moisturizer and magical oils: Massaging your breast with moisturizer and olive oil daily can bring firm breasts. It is rich in antioxidants and fatty acids. It improves complexion and tones up your muscle.
  • Laser therapy: It enhances the overall look of the breast by raising collagen production, thus keeping it tight, firm, and hydrated.

Medical Surgery:

Mastopexy is a breast surgery to the uplift breast by removing extra skin and shifting of nipple higher on your chest. This will permanently change your breast structure. This way you can tighten your breast muscle.

It’s okay if you want to tighten your breast muscle and look attractive. A good posture and a well-fitted bra are the only solutions to look good if you still have saggy breasts.


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