Automation Is A Scalable Solution For Streamlined Supply Chain

Streamlined Supply Chain

Automation technology is making today’s digital economy more intelligent and streamlined. It is an enabler for all stakeholders and workforces involved. Companies are feeling the pressure of cutting down on cost and this could be best done through streamlined operations. And, automated tools and systems are the right solutions in this regard. Companies are now providing their employees a scalable means of getting more productivity and alleviating turnover – automated facilities. For instance, goods-to-person automation can take only a few hours in sorting and moving items compared to the days in the traditional person-to-goods model.

With automation, distribution centers aim to expunge the hardships operators face in their jobs. Warehouse workers can feasibly complete their tasks in the station rather than wasting value-added time walking around the storage facility.      

An increasingly complex and challenging warehouse environment demands the most flexible and cost-efficient option of automating fulfillment.     

Striking the right balance and precision for your supply chain business, implement the latest automation technology – making good business sense – impacting your bottom line on multiple levels.

Let’s factor in all automated warehouse control system benefits:

Increased Speed:

Rapid fulfillment correlated with boosted productivity. Automated systems help find, move and relocate inventory items instantaneously by eliminating the walk time and choosing the best fastest route. It will not only streamline but speed up the item retrieval. Most importantly, automated conveyors and robots significantly accelerate the order fulfillment, which turns sales orders to quick customer delivery.  

Higher Accuracy:

Warehousing and material handling errors could be costly. Automation helps companies to avoid them. The cost per error in the supply chain industry may range up to hundreds of bucks, which entails realizing the negative impact of manual handling of raw and finished goods troubling the company’s bottom line. You require high accuracy at all levels to avoid slimming profit margins.

Better inventory counts:

Asset management and inventory control are vital for the holistic customer experience. Decrease human errors by using automated tools and systems in your distribution center to streamline inventory management. Also, with this approach, you can leverage in expediting more accurate inventory counts. With automation, you can eliminate asset imprecisions.   

Maximized warehouse capacity:

Automation replaces human resources with robots and other automated vehicles and therefore, helps maximize your warehouse space. It accelerates the items searching and retrieval process and eliminates the need for wide aisles you might need to accommodate large pallets and workers, etc.    

Risk mitigation:

Automation results in enhanced workplace safety. The automated material handling reduces foot and equipment traffic. This is mainly because of goods-to-person automation, reversing the traditional person to goods process. With inventory items coming to the operators mitigates the risk factor at all levels and improves the operator’s overall experience.     

Satisfied consumer base:

The digital economy expanding at a fast pace demands improved consumer satisfaction and loyalty to stay in and survive the fierce market competition. Happy customers are mandatory for your business growth and sustainability. Automation allows companies to deliver better experiences by meeting ever-changing market trends and rising customer expectations.

Automated Warehouse Is A New Standard:

Like any other business decision, integrating material handling automation will help offer comfortable and safe work environments, reshaping the value proposition to employees, and a more rewarding work experience. Automation as an integral part of your distribution center will transform your traditional warehouse into a more efficient and secure storage facility, ensuring a competitive advantage.

Contact MWI Solutions to learn more about warehouse and material handling automation and how it helps streamline your supply chain operations.

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