Restructure your Urgent Care Billing Operation with Sunknowledge for Better Productivity

Urgent Care Billing

With a vast opportunity, the urgent care domain is expected to hit $ 26 billion by 2023. However, with the huge billing volume and unbilled patients, healthcare practices are struggling to maintain the minimum profitability. In fact, in the urgent care billing process coding and clinical documentation issues can be a pain for many. Furthermore, the front desk management process is also something that requires maximum and careful attention.

In fact, the urgent care billing revenue cycle starts with a proper and efficient front desk billing management process.

A great financial health of urgent care centers starts with a good front end beginning which eventually results in the reduction of:

  • Bad debt
  • Lost revenue
  • Long collection process

Now the question comes how to fix your urgent care billing operation ?

It is no secret that thousands and thousands of dollars are lost every day across the table and the reason is faulty billing and coding process. Starting from carefully and efficiently managing your front desk work makes your job half done. Ensuring trained and experienced billers and certified coders can make your collection way easy by the way. In fact, being up to date with the day to day billing regulation and codes, further enhance the process of urgent care billing management. Furthermore, attention should be given to coding related to denials, underpayments patterns, underperforming medical coders, claims management as well.

Sunknowledge a powerful operational extension:

Resolving your underpayment, collection and billing p[problems by reducing their gaps efficiently, Sunknowledge is an RCM solution catering to medical billing solutions across the US to many leading names.

Sporting and rectifying all your billing and coding deficiencies before it turn out to be a huge compliance issue, our experts help you with a better billing approach maintaining a 99.9% accuracy rate.

We are the all in one solution for better collection, reduced operational cost and the highest productivity metrics in the industry. So call us if you are looking to improve your urgent care billing operation in no time.

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