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How to assemble your new bed at home

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The bed is the most important piece of furniture in a bedroom. It’s where you sleep, dream and wake up every day. A good night’s rest is essential for your health and well-being. You deserve to have a comfortable place to get your zzzs! If you need help to assemble your new bed at home, then this article will show you how!

Step #1: Find a corner of the room:

It’s convenient to have a corner in your bedroom because there will be fewer steps when walking around the bed. This is especially handy if you’re going to use a box spring, which needs at least 9 inches of clearance from all sides.

If you don’t have a corner in your bedroom, then choose a spot that’s flat and clear of any obstructions. Make sure to check for electrical outlets and radiators.

Step #2: Get some helpers:

You’ll need at least one helper! It will be much easier if you have an even number of people on each side of the bed, but it’s possible with an odd number too! If there are three or more people, then you can easily lift the whole bed in one go.

You’ll need one person on each end of the bed who will hold it in place while somebody else connects all the legs. If there are three people, then this is when you should be able to quickly move your bed into position!  The remaining helpers will be moving the headboard if you have one.

Step #3: Check your bed before moving it!

Before moving your new bed, take a moment to check the instruction manual and make sure that all of the legs are secure. You do not want any wobbling or creaking to happen when you put it into place! Knowing that everything is fastened properly will ease your mind and let you focus on the task at hand.

Step #4: Turn it around:

If you’re using a box spring, then start by turning this step-by-step guide upside down! The legs of the box spring should be facing upward.  Place the mattress on top of the box spring. Most mattresses come with extra thick protective covers, so try to avoid dragging the mattress on the floor. 

If you’re using a foundation (also called a “box spring”), then all of the legs should be facing upward. The foundation gives the bed more height by elevating your mattress and box spring up to 12 inches or so! No extra steps here.

Step #5: Connect the headboard, if you have one:

If you purchased a bed like a Sleigh bed then you have the option of a headboard. Attach the headboard to the bed frame with a screwdriver or by tapping in some plastic plugs into metal holes. Make sure that you’re using the right type of plug for your particular metal! Your manual should tell you which kind to use and how many.

If you have a headboard with plastic plugs, then make sure to tap them in using a hammer or your hand. If the plugs are too tight, then you can use a mallet for extra leverage.  Don’t try to remove any metal plugs! They’re nearly impossible to get out once they’re in there properly.

Step #6: Connect the legs of the bed frame to the foundation/box spring!

Most box springs have four legs that are connected by a metal rod. If your bed frame has these too, then you can put them into place now. The crossbars should fit underneath any raised portions of the box spring, which should be indicated by black lines on the foundation.

Make sure that all of your bolts are pointing in the same direction before inserting them! You don’t want to put in a bolt backward because you won’t be able to tighten it down properly. This might make your bed wobbly, which you’ll know when it starts creaking whenever somebody touches it!

Your bolts should be about half a foot long. If they’re too short, then you’ll have to replace them with longer ones which cost extra money and waste more time!  If your bolts are too long, then you might accidentally poke through your foundation. You can easily fix this by cutting off the extra length using a hacksaw or other tool.


And that’s it! Now you can enjoy your new bed in peace. If you bought a mattress, box spring, and foundation/box spring separately, then congratulations on saving money! You can now proudly say that you assembled your own bed at home without the help of any professionals. Good luck with future projects!

If this is too difficult, then you can hire someone to assemble your new bed for you. Some companies like U-Haul let you order assembly online and will send a person directly to your house!


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