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Moldavite Gemstone: Features and Benefits

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Formed as a result of a meteorite impact, Moldavite is a green-colored crystal popular as a talisman. It is also called “The Holy Grail Stone” and has high and intense energy. Moldavite is usually yellowish-green, green, or greenish-brown in color. It is very spiritual, and it carries the powers of the extraterrestrial world.

Features of Moldavite:

Physical features:

The gemstone is often wrinkled or folded in appearance. It is found in the shapes of teardrops, spheroids, or dumbbells and has a waxy luster. Moldavite can be transparent or translucent.

It has a hardness between 5.5 and 7 on the Mohs scale.

Moldavite is a tektite that belongs to a class of impact glasses formed due to effects meteorite.

Metaphysical Properties:

  • Most of the gemstone’s features are associated with its extraterrestrial process of formation.
  • It is believed that the crystal will help you connect with the Higher Self and the Higher Power of the cosmos.
  • This is considered powerful due to its property of transcending time. It will help the wearer not to ponder upon the past and move on in life with no past regrets. In addition, it helps the wearer to release any past baggage that is bothering them.
  • It is said that Moldavite is a talisman that was sent to Earth for spiritual awakening and transformation.
  • It keeps the wearer away from negative energies and cleanses their aura. In addition, it helps prevent personal attachments that are not good for the soul. 

Where is Moldavite Found?

Formed as a result of asteroid impact almost 15 million years ago, the formations went flying across Europe where it is mined these days. This is found in areas along the Rise and Steinem craters. It is also found in south-eastern Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic.

Moldavite in Jewelry

The green-colored stone goes well with the sterling silver and attracts the onlookers to its extraordinary beauty. It is inclusions of swirls and bubbles are considered valuable. At Rananjay Exports, you will find a wide range of Moldavite jewelry made in 925 sterling silver and rose gold vermeil. You will find stunning designs in moldavite rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, and earrings here.

Moldavite jewelry made in 925 sterling silver and rose gold vermeil

What are the Benefits of Wearing Moldavite Jewelry?

  • Moldavite will make you fall in love with itself due to its excellent qualities. It can transform your life altogether for the better.
  • The gemstone will open your heart to love after being hurt, and your emotions have been shut down.
  • If you feel a disconnection with the world, then Moldavite can be your go-to stone. In addition, the Moldavite pendant can be an excellent option to work for the heart chakra.
  • Moldavite rings look unique as the gemstone is rare. Add a moldavite accessory to your collection to welcome good fortune into your life.
  • The gemstone is said to rejuvenate the tissues and cells. It will also slow down the ageing process.
  • When you wear moldavite jewelry, you will have feelings of happiness and abundance. You will also feel the energy of growth and new beginnings.
  • The crystal will help you let go of the negative feelings and change them into positive and uplifting ones. In addition, it will protect your heart when you are in a relationship.
  • The gemstone will help you understand your partner’s behavior and true nature so that you know how to adjust to them.
  • It will raise your psychic abilities so that you will be able to look at things as they indeed are. It will also improve your memory.
  • Moldavite necklace makes for a good statement piece. It will make you the center of attraction at a party.

Legends and History Related to the Gemstone:

Neolithic people of Eastern Europe used the gemstone in amulets for good fortune and fertility. It happened around 25000 years ago.

Color Energy of the Gemstone

The gemstone’s green color energy makes it a “growth crystal.” It symbolizes Life’s Force and focuses on creation and development. The gem has nurturing energy and will help you build fulfilling family relationships. It will help you grow in business and promote spiritual growth and help you connect to a higher purpose.

How to Cleanse and Charge the Gemstone?

To clean Moldavite, use soap and water and keep it away from salt. Don’t use harsh cleaners on the jewelry and protect it from hits and blows. One in a while, keep it under the moonlight to charge its energies.

Where to Buy Moldavite Jewelry?

Since Moldavite has so many spiritual, metaphysical, and emotional benefits, it is always in demand. For the gemstone jewelry to work for you, you need to buy the jewelry from a trusted place. I suggest you checking out Rananjay Exports. They deal in authentic wholesale silver Gemstone Jewelry.


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