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How to Eliminate Gaps in Prosthetics Prior Authorization

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A huge worry that lies ahead for any supplier of prosthetics items is to secure payments for their services. Rising costs of operations, surging DSO’s are a major area of concern for providers. You need a consistent partner that can eliminate all blunders at the front end. After all, you want consistency in your payables.

However, the biggest worry at present for many is to find the right experience in their vendors. A lot of medical billing companies are themselves struggling to keep up with the demands of their clients. Many are struggling to find a steady workforce of medical billers and coders that will deliver actionable assistance.

At the end, all you want is a reliable team that can offer synchrony in your reimbursement process. Finding a cure to your prosthetics prior authorization is a big area of concern for many. However, it all comes down to experience and excellence while choosing your RCM partner.

The Sunknowledge assurance in ROI

Over the last decade or more, Sunknowledge has been exceptional in delivering actionable solutions to the largest healthcare providers of the country. We can meet or beat any price and do all the heavy lifting work at the front end.

Our niche presence, ability to deliver customized reporting support separates us from our competitors. We have reduced operational costs by 80%, eliminated process loopholes by serving consistency with our superior pool of practice management experts. Our client references from some of the largest Orthotics & Prosthetics spaces will give you a vivid idea of our holistic presence.

So what is holding you back! Hire us for unprecedented growth! We do it all with eligibility checks, securing prosthetics prior authorization, order entry, confirmation, and even following up with the physician’s office.

We offer you the best service at the cheapest price! Schedule a demonstration now and come to know how to transform your cash reserves as a reliable extension. Leverage the Sunknowledge trust in prosthetics prior authorization now and earn a competitive edge at this testing times with a robust RCM partner offering dedicated attention.


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