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7 Reasons Why You Should Put Bumper Stickers on Your Car

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Everyone has their way of showing their fun, quirky, and creative side. Many car owners like to customize their cars according to their style and personality. While some people modify the color of their car, others put on bumper stickers.

People have been putting messages on their vehicles long before cars were even invented. It was an old-school way of advertising which usually came in the form of hand-painted signs or canvas. 

The first bumper stickers were attributed to a silkscreen printer named Forest P. Gill during the 1940s.

Since then, stickers became the norm for vehicles and have created a massive impact on popular culture. Today, many car owners still use these stickers as a symbol of their persona and as a way to preserve its history. 

Here are several reasons why you should get bumper stickers for your car:

1 – You can express your creativity

If you are a sticker enthusiast, then you probably consider putting up stickers on your car as an art form. Depending on the vendor you choose, you can customize or design your sticker. You can submit your artwork following their rules and recommended format. 

If you don’t have the design skills to make one, you can relay the logo or idea you have in mind to the sticker company that can create one for your needs.

2 – You can advertise your business

If you are running a small business, putting a bumper sticker on your vehicle is a good marketing strategy. You can design a good sticker layout, putting all the necessary details about your products and services. With an eye-catching design, you can increase your chances of having new customers and significantly increase revenue.

3 – They give extra caution (or entertainment) to other drivers

Your bumper sticker is also an excellent way to warn other drivers. You can put up a sticker saying that you have a baby on board or keep their distance. While this has a practical use, some stickers are just meant to put a smile on other drivers in your lane.

You can experiment with different comical stickers with messages like “Caution: Driver is Singing” or “Alien on Board.”

4 – You have endless styles to choose from

If you are looking for pre-designed stickers, you will have no problem choosing various shapes and designs. As mentioned, you can select stickers with a serious message or more humorous content.

You can also ensure that the stickers are printed professionally with the highest quality, and the design won’t come out as blurry and poorly made.

5 – They are incredibly affordable

You don’t have to worry about your budget whether you choose custom-made or pre-printed stickers. Since sticker companies are focused on one service, they usually purchase their stock in bulk. In this way, they can price their printing services lower and even offer free customization.

6 – They are long-lasting and durable

To ensure that your stickers won’t crack, peel, or fade easily, they are produced using premium-grade white vinyl material. This ensures that your stickers are weatherproof and resistant to ultraviolet rays, making them last for a couple of years without damaging your car.

Bumper stickers are used to make a statement and a practical way of promoting a business or company. Even with the birth of digital advertisement, the culture of putting stickers on cars remains and will do so in the following years.


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