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Top Five Ways to Maintain consistency in translation

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Top Five ways to maintain consistency in legal translations abu dhabi  

no doubt that consistency in translations is very important. Different translations for the same source word in different places in a translated text can make the translated text look unprofessional. A translation company in Abu Dhabi can assign the translation project to a translator to avoid such inconsistencies, but this does not work for all translation projects. A professional translation company will use more efficient methods to ensure consistency, including but not limited to creating a glossary, using translation memories, proofreading, and more. 

Here are five ways to ensure translation consistency: 

Create a glossary One way to ensure consistency is to create a glossary for your project. Create a glossary of commonly used words that all translators working on the project can access and update. The glossary can consist of terms that relate to industry, product, service, company, or even words that are used frequently throughout the content. Sticking to this glossary increases consistency and saves time and money. The terms and words from the glossary are then added to a translation memory that will be used throughout the project. Remember that translators may use a different target word for the same source word, resulting in the inconsistent final content. 

Use a translation memory (TM). A  

translation memory is a database in which texts and their corresponding translations are stored. A TM helps the translator to ensure consistency not only at the terminological level, but also at the sentence level, sometimes even at the paragraph level. During translation with a CAT tool, the programmer gradually stores each original phrase and the corresponding translation. In this way, a database of translated expressions is created. For each new translation project, the programmer checks whether there are similarities between the new content and the translated expressions already in the TM. If there is a match, the previously released translation is used. This can increase quality and consistency and reduce project time and costs. 

Allow translators to communicate Sometimes  

several translators have to  

deal with a certified translation office in Cairo. So, there has to be communication between the translators who are translating the same tasks. This is because different translators may give different expressions for the same words or phrases. Communication allows the translators to discuss some uncertain words, expressions or phrases in order to produce a quality final translation and, of course, to maintain consistency. 

Include proofreading Proofreading  

is the most important step in the translation process. It is not just about checking grammar and making sure there are no spelling mistakes. It that the essence of the text is clearly conveyed, that the most appropriate words are used and that the content follows the style guidelines, thus maintaining the coherence of the text. 

Conduct in-context review Customers  

trust translation companies or translators to reproduce the original document and convey the desired messages in the target language. The translated text must make sense in context. During the in-place review, the text is checked in context to correct any errors. The text then goes to a final review. This process ensures a high level of consistency and quality


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