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Problems and Discomforts Of CPAP Masks With Solutions

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You might be familiar with the CPAP machines and other devices if anyone around you is a patient of sleep apnea. CPAP Machines is widely used by patients that suffer from sleeping disorders by delivering the stream of oxygenated to airways using CPAP Masks and tube. Experts claim that CPAP therapy is proven best for the patient with sleep apnea and help to fix the sleeping disorders and other symptoms but many people might feel uncomfortable while using the CPAP mask for the first time. But CPAP device can be easily used by everyone once it gets used to, keep on reading the blog!

CPAP Machines

Below are the most common problems faced by sleep apnea patients, keep on reading the blog to know about the discomforts and solutions,

1) How to get used to the CPAP mask?

Everything takes time to get used to, wearing the CPAP Masks may seem uncomfortable but it can be fixed by getting used to wearing the mask. Prefer wearing the CPAP mask during the daytime while doing the re2qgular task. This will help you to get comfortable with using a mask.

2) CPAP mask seems uncomfortable to wear at night

If you are a sleep apnea patient, it’s advised to always stay in touch with the medical professionals in case of a medical emergency. There are various types of styles available in CPAP masks. Ask a medical professional for the proper size and adjustment of the mask.

3) Can I get allergic to a CPAP mask?

It takes time when you start using the CPAP Mask Accessories for the first time. If you want to check whether you are allergic to the CPAP mask then stop wearing the mask for one night, generally, if you are allergic to the mask, it will start occurring from the first night.

 4) Can’t tolerate the forced air from the CPAP masks

CPAP machine has a ramp feature that allows for low pressure. It can be increased accordingly once you get settled with the CPAP mask. If the ramp feature doesn’t help you, switch to a BPAP machine.

5) Nose running stuffy or runny while using CPAP masks

Check whether your CPAP Machines comes with the heat humidifier feature, if it doesn’t have humidify feature then use nasal saline sprays to cure stuffy and running nose.

6) Feel claustrophobic while wearing the CPAP mask

CPAP mask is used to improve the quality of the life. Taking small steps would help in getting comfortable and make regular usage easier.

7) Have dry mouth while wearing CPAP mask

Drying of the mouth usually happens if you breathe through an open mouth while sleeping. Ensure you wear the correct size of mask to prevent drying of the mouth.


CPAP Mask Accessories and devices are widely used all over the world by sleep apnea patients. Ensure your CPAP device air filter is clean and unblocked for proper and safer use. If the device filter is dirty or unblocked by some dust particles, it may cause the machine to make noise. Usually, the supplier checks all the medical devices before they supply to the market, take the help of medical experts if you still face any problems.

Source: Problems and Discomforts Of CPAP Masks With Solutions


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