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An Exotic Camping Experience in Overnight Desert Safari Dubai

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The pleasures of the twilight in the Emirates are boundless. Though, there are hundreds of luxuries, nightclubs, and country clubs in Dubai. But the real bliss of a night escape in Dubai is counting stars at its majestic desert. Overnight desert safari Dubai is heaven for backpackers. Many adventurists from all over the globe visit this nomadic landscape especially for camping purposes. 

A standard overnight expedition to the dunes is of nine hours. It’s the longest itinerary among which the vendors offer in the dunes of Dubai. So are you ready to unleash the secrets of nightfall in Dubai? Keep reading!

 Overnight Camping in a Desert Safari in Dubai

1. Camping on the Sand Beds

Camping on the sand beds happens to be a memorable experience for backpackers. Whether you rest in the Bedouin camps or pitch your own, your night is going to be sleepless. Like the starry sky, the sizzling bonfire, and cold breezes would keep catching your attention. Do not give second thoughts to pitching a camp in the twilight of the serene desert. 

2. Enthralling Sports

Dune bashing, sandboarding, and quad biking are the top-rated adventures at this famous tourist destination. The sandy tops take you to an enthralling ride when you are seated in a 4×4. The SUVs covering the dune arena are hummers, land cruisers, wrangler jeeps, and dune buggies. Quad bikes also generate sand storms by setting a pace on their 4×4 bikes.

Float above and down the sandy mountain tops by balancing over a sandboard. Sandboarding is also an overwhelming terrain activity.

3. BBQ Dinner

Enjoy an opulent dinner in the nomadic arena. The succulent buffet contains BBQ, veg, and non-veg food items along with appetizing snacks. Along with the main courses and siders, consume chilled soft drinks that are provided complimentary. Moreover, servings of Arabian coffee and tea along with dates is the traditional method of Arabs of showing hospitality. 

4. Beguiling Dance Performances

Open up the gateway of overwhelming fun by opting for an overnight desert safari. The stunning depiction of Arabian art, culture, and music is quite admirable. The live stage represents the Tannoura dance of the dervishes, fire show, and Belly dance. Enjoy other forms of cultural depiction by smoldering shisha on the cozy seatings. This entertainment gala vanishes your worries which you left miles away in the cityside. 

5. Witness the Rising Sun

An overnight stay at this spellbound landscape reigns over you an opportunity to witness the sunrise. The early morning views of the sun rising from behind the dunes are breathtaking. Soak up the stillness of the whole barren inside you. As the new sun starts rising to its apex, morning breezes whoosh in your welcome. Spot the hopping gazelles and wild cats wandering here and there early morning. Sunrise at the dunes is going to be the whole new origin of your gratified self.


Picking an overnight itinerary to the archaic Arabian dunes always sets the travellers on contentment. This place has hundreds of stories to collect only in a matter of gazes. Those Bedouin stories, cultural aspects, mesmerizing sunrise, and Milky Way’s magic can turn you into a storyteller. If you don’t want to just touch and go back, then an overnight desert safari is exclusively for you. Collect the most amazing memories of a lifetime by planning a camping night out here in the middle of a nomad’s home.


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