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Overnight Desert Safari –See What Night Escapers Do In Dubai

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If you are in Dubai and looking for something ultra-thrilling to encounter, then you are at the right place. Tourists wander throughout the day to explore the skyscrapers, luxurious malls, souks, and adventure parks in Dubai. Whereas, they reserve their nights for witnessing the gleaming city lights. Dhow cruise, canal-side walkway, and nightclubs are great for this. But what about the night escapers? Well, if you are one of those who love to walk along the bank while counting stars, Dubai has a great place for you as well. Overnight desert safari is the ultimate savior for backpackers. This place invites them to live the most exciting and peaceful night of a lifetime. 

Being the adventurists, me and my squad opted for an overnight desert safari for camping purpose. Getting to the right people was a crucial part but thanks to the team Happy Adventures Tourism who became our saviors. So, along with our tour operator, we went for overnight desert camping and this is what we unleashed.

Eccentric Camping Experience at the Arabian Dunes

1.   Off to the Dunes

Our venture to the Arabian dunes began with the pickup in a land cruiser. The skilled off-road license holder driver from Happy Adventures Tourism for a pickup desert safari Dubai. They also offer customized services for reaching the dunes. You can grab a bus service or a self-driven package which also allows you to get free parking slots. The magical displays of the dunes pour an impulse of excitement right at the initial moments of reaching there.

2.  Dune Bashing in SUVs

We all know about dune bashing. It’s an enthralling sport exclusive at the terrain. It is taken place in the furious dune bashing off-road vehicles. Thrill-seekers love to experience this adrenaline-pumping ride at the dune arena. We had this insane adventure in the Nissan Patrol that was driven by a skilled rider. The guide from team Happy Adventures Tourism was seated along with our group and tolerated our insane screams. 

You can enjoy this crazy activity in a hummer, land cruise, dune buggy, wrangler jeep, or a land rover. These SUVs keep hitting the dune arena all day long, even after the sunset. Not only the terrain, but the vehicles are also picturesque. Capture some savage images along with your favorite SUV and get the wheels to show off!

3.   Camel Safari

A camel safari is an amazing venture under the spotlight of the moon. Take a venture to the olden times when the Bedouins used to cover distance through the camels. Camels are the traditional carriers taking the legacy of archaic Arabs. Being among the camel caravans in the twilight of the night reigns a strange bliss over you. Observe the whole wilderness of the dunes from over the camel’s hump. It allows you to have a voyage filled with wonders and ultimate happiness.

4. Sandboarding

Another super overwhelming activity that is going on in the dune arena is sandboarding. The surfers go unstoppable across the high dunes upon grabbing the sandboard. A sandboard is a wooden hoverboard. Fixing your feet over it allows you’re to ski over the velvety sand surface. It is similar to that of water surfing and ice skiing. One only needs to practice his balancing skill for this.

5. Dinner Delight

The dinner regalia at the buffet further heightened our excitement. We were presented with a delightful dinner by the hosts of Happy Adventures Toruism LLC. The dinner contained charcoal roasted meat, various salads, veggies, soups, and appetizers. There were refreshing soft drinks and mineral water in plenty of amounts, out of which we had a number of refills.

After having the succulent savory, the Bedouins offered us Arabian coffee along with dates. The heavenly sips of the heavenly Arabian “Kahwa” were working like magic in the lovely ambiance and chills of the desert. BBQ bites and buffet food items are super tempting for a thrill-seeker who comes to it right after the crazy sand activities.

6. Entertainment of the Nightfall

The cheerful crowd in the entertainment gala of the desert is highly admirable. There is an amazing portrayal of the Arabian tradition. In this different dance forms are presented in front of the guests from faraway lands.

Enjoy the Sufi Tanoura dance which represents beautiful middle-eastern customary. In this, the dervishes show how to meditate in spinning action. You also have a chance to witness the furious stunts of the firemen during the fire show. The belly dancers are also there to entertain people with their stunning belly moves.

Other traditional dance forms are also depicted including stick dance, Khaleeji dance, and Zumba. Enjoying those live performances with smoldering flavorful shisha is extreme fun at the nomadic land.

7.   Novel Stargazing Experience

Camping in the middle of a nomad’s home is the real bliss for night escapers. They love pitching their tents like nomads and enjoy the lovely views of nature. 

The tour guides from team Happy Adventures Tourism LLC provided us with all the camping essentials. Those included sleeping bags efficiently pitched tents and snug rugs. But who wanted to sleep? We spent the whole night gazing at the dark blue sky shimmering with the milky ways. Mostly the nights in the desert are spent like this. Travelers just enjoy the serenity of night, share and listen to the Bedouin stories, and catch the shooting stars. 

We also opted for an overnight desert safari for the same purpose. To collect everlasting memories at the aesthetic landscape.


From getting the first magical glimpses of the deserted landscape to having scrumptious BBQ bites, our night escape was beyond what we had imagined. Thanks to the team Happy Adventures Tourism team who took us on the seventh sky. If you are planning an overnight desert safari in Dubai, keep in mind that the temperature falls unusually on the terrain. Therefore, keeping warm ensembles is essential. 

Moreover, a camera is a must-have in order to click amazing snaps while vibing at this archaic place of Dubai. 


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