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Looking To Brand Your Business In An Eco-Friendly Way? Here’s What You Can Do

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Promoting eco-friendliness is not just cool but helpful and appreciative as well. Pat yourself on the back if you are an entrepreneur and encourage your customers to use recycled products. It will not only target your customers who are looking for sustainable options but is also a good initiative in taking a step forward in maintaining the environment.  Sustainable products are manufactured using raw materials like cotton, bamboo, and cork that spread environmental awareness and prevent issues.

If you are planning to renew your marketing plan using these products then you can do it by designing promotional merchandise, carry bags, collapsible boxes, and water bottles. These products can demonstrate your brand’s value and corporate social responsibility. This way you can establish your brand presence and enhance your customer needs and successfully renew your marketing plan, but the list doesn’t end here. There are several other benefits too of using sustainable products but before we dive in; let’s understand about sustainable products first.

What is a sustainable promotional product?

The definition of sustainable products varies. According to Sustainable Solutions Corporation, the products provide environmental, social, and economic benefits that protect the health, public, environment and welfare.

  • These benefits are observed from extraction of raw materials which is the first step of the commercial cycle till the final disposal. You can make sustainable products simply by using natural materials that reduce natural waste and help in recycling better.
  • This creates a positive impact on the environment and at the same time you can spread brand awareness to the people you wish to.
  • For promotional products, one can also put up your brand logo on that item just like any other product.

Look below some of the ideas you can imply to your business.

Recycled tote bags

Recycled tote bags serve as a sustainable substitute for a plastic bag. These can also be called reusable bags because it can be reused as many times a user wants without worrying about its quality or materials. The bags are soft cotton-layered from inside and sturdy from outside which means you can carry it for picnics and grocery shopping too.

Insulated backpacks

A suitable alternative for a damaging plastic bag is a recycled backpack cooler that carries lunches, snacks, food, and plastic bottles. These bags come with a zippered line of a main compartment that keeps the food fresh. This bag is adjustable with padded shoulder straps that you can hang it easily during picnics, hikes, and road trips. This bag also consists of a mesh side pocket to carry a water bottle. This means a bag that can perfectly fit your meal set.

Biodegradable pens

People use pens frequently to sign on a paper, cheque, fill the bank slip or write something important. For this, people generally carry a pen in their shirt pocket. You can distribute the pens among your consumers and give your brand a positive reflection because of its natural and aesthetic look. You can wrap your pen with your brand design and let maximum people know about it by giving it in maximum hands. Hence, hands build brands.

Recycled water bottles

Recycled water bottles have safety features that do not harm and pollute the environment by creating waste in landfills. These bottles can be different in shapes, sizes, and material. For branding purposes, you can use it as promotional products by sticking your logo warp cover on the bottle. This can get you positive impressions from people.

Recycled pouches

The recycled business pouches are also one of the efficient business promotional items through which you can spread brand awareness and gain positive impressions. The materials involved in its making involve used plastic and quality fabric that performs well and lessens the environmental impact. The pouch with zipping can carry small items which you may require almost daily.

Eco-friendly lanyards

The organic printed lanyards are wearable that can feature your brand in an eco-friendly way. The more people wear it, the more people will notice it hanging on somebody’s neck. These strings are generally used in ID cards and badges of offices and colleges. These strings are eco-friendly and comfortable to wear with a large space for logo and message printing.

Recyclable bamboo box

Bamboo is a sustainable source for products and good materials. The lunch boxes made of bamboo are eco-friendly and BPA-free and are made of sustainable food-grade materials. You can attach your brand image to the box or customize it with a creative quote. It is possible by two simple ways color coating or laser engraving.

Custom compostable products

Custom compostable products include bio-based material; still, it looks like regular plastic material with stock to make low volume custom orders. If you want to make these products thicker then you can demand it from the customization expert. You can choose the design of your choice and get it customized the way you wish to.

The list of the products remains endless, but these are the most suitable, affordable and satisfying ways in which you can market your brand effectively. This benefits you as well as Mother Nature. So, if you wish to gain well you should reuse and sell.



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