Reasons to opt for Home Inspections

Reasons to opt for Home Inspections

Are you choosing to opt-out of a home inspection due to its cost factor? Do you think a home inspection is rather unnecessary when buying or selling a house? If yes then consider these reasons to opt for one.

When Buying a House

Consider home inspections as a part of the investment into your new property and not as an additional expense. When buying a house, opt for an inspection for the following reasons –

To find safe properties –

You cannot at a glance know if a house has severe structural issues. It may look perfectly fine on the outside. It may have perfect interiors. But its foundation could be developing a rot. Its roof could have cracks. Its attic could have insulation issues. There can be any number of problems that don’t come to light without a thorough home inspection.

If you Find a Home Inspection Report full of issues within a property, you can save yourself from investing into it. It will safeguard both your family and investment. Rotting structures are dangerous in every sense.

To negotiate on the final asking price –

Of course, you are going to negotiate the price of the house! But it is another matter the seller may not agree with you. But when you Find Home Inspection Report full of problems with the property, you have a valid reason to have a price discussion with the seller.

Let’s say, the property is structurally fine but has termite infestation or problems with the flooring. In such cases, a home inspection report can help you assess if it’s worthwhile for you to undertake the repairs and ask the seller to reduce the price. The other option is to request the sellers to deal with the repairs and other issues if they refuse to budge from their final asking price (despite the problems with the property).

If you opt for a specialized inspection to find the extent of a problem (let’s say termite infestation), you will incur additional cost. In that case, you can ask the seller to deduct the Termite Inspection Cost from the final asking price along with the cost of the treatment.

To ensure the builder completes the construction and other projects properly –

When you are buying a new house, it is prudent to check if the builder has completed the work properly before you take possession of the property. A detailed home inspection can check the property at each stage of its construction. Inspectors can also check the quality of the construction material and the property site.

You also need to inspect the house before the builder’s warranty ends. Inspectors can check the structures, appliances, frames, bathrooms, fireplaces, insulation, and other features. They can inspect the house for gas leaks and other problems. All this will save you money in the future. Imagine undertaking endless repairs because you neglected to opt for an end-of-builders’ warranty inspection!

When Selling a House

Why do sellers need to opt for home inspections when buyers may do so at their end? Here are the reasons –

To fix a good price for the property –

When you know your property has no structural faults and is aesthetically-appealing as well; there is no reason for you to not fix a good asking price for it (as it deserves). If a property is viable in every sense, there can be no dearth of buyers. But in order to confidently set a price, you will need the backing of a detailed inspection report.

Let’s say, there was termite infestation in your house at one point. In that case, simply opt for a termite inspection to put the matter to rest. Termite Inspection Cost may be negligible to what you can get for your property if it’s in a good condition.

You can opt for specialized inspections or a detailed inspection covering the house. The former can include inspections for pools, home spas, or the foundation and energy audits.

To save your time –

Endless price negotiations can be a hassle. You can save your time by simply refusing to lower the price based on a detailed inspection report. You need not deal with separate buyers or real estate agents again and again on the same issue.

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