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Lamps at home – how to choose?

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Lamps at home: Despite the fact that most of us are well aware of the importance of light in our lives and that without it, modern human functioning would not be possible, we rarely pay special attention to the purchase of lamps for our house or apartment. Thus, we forget that artificial light makes us independent of the weather outside the window and the seasons, it can improve our mood by staying in bright rooms, as well as the appropriate play of light and shadow and the very appearance of the lamps affect the character and aesthetics of a given room. So how to choose good lamps for our rooms that will meet all the assumptions?

Regardless of whether you choose standing lamps, hanging lamps or even wall lamps, it is worth considering not only the aesthetics of the lamp and its shade, but also the visual consistency with the entire room. It is true that it is possible and recommended by interior designers to use a lamp in a different style than the rest of the equipment in a given room, but it is much more difficult and often ends up simply with an ugly effect. When buying lamps, you cannot ignore their basic aspect – lamps are to illuminate the room!

Lamps at home: Lighting in the kitchen

The kitchen is one of those rooms where, contrary to appearances, we spend the most time at home – after all, it is here that we prepare meals and eat them most often, regardless of the time of day or night. For this reason, it is worth putting on hanging lamps that will illuminate the entire space. It is worth, however, that these would be lamps made in LED technology – they will provide us with full light immediately after lighting (without waiting for them to warm up), and at the same time they will be an extremely energy-saving product, which we will certainly appreciate when paying for electricity.


It is true that flats in new buildings are created in most cases without the use of corridors and with the maximum use of the entire usable space, however, very often passages between rooms or even a hall require adequate lighting due to the lack of windows. So It is also worth bearing in mind that this is the first room that our guests see, and as you know for a long time, you can make a good impression only once. It is worth putting on wall lamps – sconces – directed up or down, which by illuminating the surface of the walls will create a unique atmosphere of the corridor and optically enlarge it.


The bathroom is a specific room that we cannot use any lamp here – it must have a tightness class of at least IP65 due to the humidity in the room and possible problems with it. Contrary to appearances, it does not limit the choice of lamps for the bathroom, where we should only be guided by our own sense of aesthetics and our financial possibilities. However, it is worth ensuring that the bathroom is well lit.


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