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UNESCO Global Coalition for Education

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UNESCO has created its platform Global Coalition for Education COVID-19. This aims to preserve the right of children and young people to education. The COVID-19 pandemic has altered our lives and also our educational experiences. Many students of different levels did not attend class during the pandemic. There are still many students, who have not returned to school or university.

Faced with this situation and the obligation to preserve the right to education, the World Coalition for Education serves to collaborate and exchange information. This is of great importance given the pandemic that is constituting an unprecedented event. The Coalition is made up of the 140 members of the UN, civil society, academia, and the private sector to ensure that even in times as complicated as the pandemic # Continuing Education.

UNESCO: Education at the United Nations

Faced with the pandemic and the new educational reality, the World Coalition for Education was necessary. Today more than ever the global commitment to the right to education is important. It is known that in those places where the education of girls is still inaccessible to all, during the pandemic they abandoned their studies, and at the end of the confinement, many of them did not return to school. UNESCO estimates that more than 8 million girls are at risk of never going back to school.

Education must be a top priority for all governments in the world. For this reason, UNESCO organizes the extraordinary session of the World Meeting on Education, on October 22, 2020. In this very important event for education, the elaboration of a concrete action plan for education will be fundamentally addressed ”.


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