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Is it worth buying toner compatible?

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We are convinced that everything that costs little is of inferior quality and this logic also concerns toner for the printer. We know that original cartridges are expensive and at the same time, we are convinced that compatible toner, albeit cheaper, can damage our printer. To answer the question “Is buying toner compatible really worthwhile?” We have compared original and compatible toners, some information you need to understand what the difference is, and if a compatible cartridge is right for you.

Compatible toner vs Original toners

An original cartridge is produced by the same brand that produced your printer, for example, an original cartridge for an EPSON printer is produced by EPSON. Compatible toner is a cartridge manufactured by a company other than the printer, such as a cartridge for an EPSON printer, but not manufactured by EPSON. The compatibles should be as reliable as the original cartridges and, provided they are purchased from a reputable dealer, they are the best way to save money on printing, without affecting the print quality or printer performance.

Why is there such a big price difference?

Original cartridges represent a profit for manufacturers. With the costs of research and development, companies must somehow repay their investments, leading to high consumer prices once a customer has committed to their printer. Compatible products do not have these costs, therefore they can offer their toners at much lower prices. Low prices yes, but be careful not to come across products with a ridiculously cheap cost, this will certainly have lower standards, be sure to buy compatible toners only on reliable website www.tonercartuccestampanti.it, with assistance, warranty and return policies.

Will compatible toner affect my printer warranty?

It is a legitimate question and is the concern of many consumers, but on balance, there are very few ways in which a cartridge can break a printer and no supplier will void the warranty for using a compatible toner.

A manufacturer is legally required to provide a 2-year warranty on electronic products and cannot have anti-competitive terms. The supplier must demonstrate that third-party cartridges caused the problem with the printer. They cannot simply declare “you used a compatible one, you had to use an original toner”. It is, however, important to read the warranty and pay attention to details, probably some manufacturers will protect themselves by declaring that ” the warranty is not applicable if the damages are caused by non-original products “, but it will be really difficult to prove it.

Is there any difference in print quality?

If the quality of the compatible toner is good, there should be no difference. With the ink formulation incredibly close to the original cartridge, you will often see just as good color reproduction, print accuracy, and ease of use, all at a significantly lower price.

We hope you found this article useful and feel more confident when you need to buy your next toner. Compatible products are really worth it, so don’t let false myths stop you from making significant savings.


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