Learn how to protect your mobile this summer

Protect your mobile this summer: The summer months are the time of year in which a greater number of problems with a mobile phone usually happens. The time we are near the water of the pool or the beach, or the sand of the latter, influences the increase in breakdowns. To avoid this situation, it is important to keep in mind a series of tips that will help us prevent our terminal from suffering in the summer.

Avoid the sun:

protect your mobile this summer: In summer, the sun is strong. If our terminal is exposed to direct sunlight for a long time. It can cause the mobile to stop working when the system overheats.

protect your mobile this summer: Beware of visits to the beach:

Another aspect of the summer that can be detrimental to our mobile is the Visits to the beach. If we are not careful can make our terminal suffer by the entrance of sand inside. To protect the mobile in these cases. It is best to have a touch cover that allows us to use it without the need for the mobile to be exposed to the sand.

Eye to water:

It is very normal that at some point it splashes into the terminals if we choose to take it on the beach or pool days. Tactile covers are once again the best ally in this regard.

protect your mobile this summer: Back up

Although it is recommended to do it throughout the year. It will always be positive in the event that our phone suffers a mishap. Having an updated backup to avoid losing valuable information on our mobile.

Care to avoid contagion:

This summer, to the already normal precautions that we must take. The disinfection of the terminal is added to protect us against COVID 19. Virucidal disinfectants are the best guarantee to eliminate pathogens that may be in the terminal. Ideally, with clean and disinfected hands, remove dust from the phone and apply the antiseptic on the mobile with a non-abrasive cloth.

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