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In 2021, the Best Clicker Games and Incremental Games

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My little brother was playing a game on his computer a few days back. It was easy and fun, but it was very simple. He was simply clicking his mouse, sitting still. Then, as I continued to look in, I found a whole new world of clicker or incremental games. Wow, was I amazed!

These types of games are probably familiar to many people. However, these games are for those who have never played them or want to find out which ones they are.

What is an Incremental and Clicker game?

These games will help you find the best clicker or incremental game. As their name implies, Clicker games are games in which players simply have to click the mouse to play the game. However, some games require players to do nothing, as the game will automatically play.

Cookie Clicker was the 2013 release of clicker games. There are many genres to this game, including strategy and RPG. You can play it by clicking.

There is a difference between Idle and Incremental Games

The type of games may seem the same, but there are slight differences between them. Players must earn scores step-by-step in incremental games in order to unlock features. In addition, some in-game currencies or points can bring new elements to the game.

An idle game, on the other hand, requires no player attention or assistance. It will eventually run on its own after a while. It is completely passive and can be watched by the player. Thus, it is also known as idle games. It is a pleasure to sit idly.

What Makes Incremental/Clicker Games so addictive?

If you have played or at least tried to play click tester game, then you know how much they are addictive. They are the perfect way to pass your time doing nothing just by sitting before the screen. The main reasons incremental/ clicker games are so addictive are as follows: 

  • No effort: You don’t need to exert any effort to play idle games. This is the easiest way to play a video game. It is easy to just open the game, then sit back and let the game run. You can click the mouse to move forward if you wish — no commitment and no rush
  • Surprise element: Most incremental games have surprises. Random upgrades and unlocking new stages are two examples of surprises. The best clicker games I like are Candy Box and Dark Room. As you progress, the entire setup changes.
  • Great PC screen toy: The majority of incremental games do not require any commitment on the part of the player. They can be left open while you do other chores. They are amazing live wallpapers.
  • You may come across missions or difficult tasks while playing many games. These are not in idle or incremental games. They aren’t. You get rewards frequently. It’s so much more fun.


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