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How to Restore Your Energy Levels with Massage?

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Just watch a child play and you will notice how much energy he has, how he gathers all his extra strength, what kind of flexibility and mobility he shows to get to know the world around him. You can barely recognize the same boy 20 years later, who spends all his free time in front of the television, overindulges on coffee and alcohol, suffers from back pain, and falls asleep in the middle of his favorite TV show.

Are you recognized in this description? Unfortunately, you are no exception. But nowadays more and more people begin to see that they are suffering because of their lifestyle, which causes them stress and does not give them the opportunity to relax and regain strength. We are talking about a serious epidemic here; Many people don’t want to admit it, but the lifestyle choices they have made have already done great harm to their health. Massage in Al Nahda

So what can be done? Many people have come to the conclusion that massage, which has been used for centuries, is the most effective way to stay healthy and get rid of the negative consequences of stress in our world. This is exactly the reason why the popularity of massage has increased in the last twenty years.

You can find a variety of different massages, for example, Samoan, Shiatsu, Thai, Chinese, Swedish, etc. In addition, a massage can be performed using the hands, elbows, fingers, forearms or feet of the masseuse. So no matter what ails you, there is a massage that will work just for you.

Just watch a child play and you will notice how much energy he has, how he gathers all his extra strength, what kind of flexibility and mobility he shows to get to know the world around him.

Smart Tips to Use a Wooden Massager

People can think of a wooden massager as a low-tech tool. However, this tool can be very effective for massaging if used correctly. This wooden massager is very useful both for a powerful self-massage and for a pressure massage focused on a partner.

You can use one or more of the tools to apply more pressure with less effort, increase the force of pressure and slide strokes, and also make some movements that your hands cannot. If you want to get the maximum benefit from using a wooden massager, you can simply refer to the tips below.


You need to warm up your muscles. Or, if you want to massage someone else, you can warm them up with a sauna, bath, or shower.

The second step

is to lie down or sit in a comfortable position. The position may depend on the area to which you are sending a message. During the massage, you must pay attention to your breathing and listen to its rise and fall. In addition, it is also important that you focus on the area of ​​your body where you feel the tension. If you want to encourage relaxation, you can play soft music during the massage.

The third step

Is to push the massager over your skin and then move it along the muscle. Once you’ve reached a comfortable level, you can gradually move on to the heavier shots. It is important that you always move in a smooth, slow, rhythmic motion, with one stroke flowing smoothly to the next. You can also use a small amount of massage oil to facilitate skin movement if you like. Massage Center in Al Jafiliya


You can conclude the massage after a suitable period of time. In fact, the time required to use a wooden massager depends on the individual. It is suggested that you drink a lot of water at the end of your message because during the massage, toxins are released from the soft tissues as a result of your massage. Drinking water can help you flush toxins from your body.


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