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How To Name Characters In The Story

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Today, in this article we will tell you, a way out of the toughest part, i.e. how to name characters in the story that you are working so hard on! Writers got to think a lot but nothing gives more headache than naming certain characters in the story that you are writing. Then comes the other stuff like character building, character development, characters features, and the list goes on.

We can’t say which story gets famous, which gets to call a huge success novel or classic novel of all time. All we can do is give our best as a writer and enjoy the process. Because when it comes to writing there are many phases. Sometimes it’s the scary phase like writer block then sometimes it is the happy phase like ‘oh yeah I got it all, there’s no plot hole or sometimes it’s the messy phase like damn, I can’t gather myself anymore. So, instead of worrying about death, a writer should take the process camly. There may be bad times but there are also good times.

So when you start writing a story you one of the most essential thing are the names. Name of your main character, name of your side character, name of the villain in the story as well as the names of the places like city, towns, country if they are fictional. You need something to start with the names. Sometimes the names do come out of the blue but sometimes you just feel stuck because there are no names coming to your mind and if it’s the main character then the anxiety is real. So what needs to be done? Find the answer in the below paragraphs!

How to name characters in the story?

There are a lot of tips and tricks for naming the character. Here we will get to know about a random way of naming the characters of the story we are writing using tools like random word creator, random name generator, or random vocab words and the only thing you need to start with this process is a quality internet connection.

The tools mentioned above are very simple and easy to operate. This tools are designed to generate random words or names to help you find the ones you need for your purpose. With the help of such random words you can play around with words and you might get surprised in the end. You can also use the other tool called the fake word generator which provides you with unlimited fake words. Generating such words might give you an idea about creating your characters name just like that.

The thing is you should know in your guts about how your character’s name must sound like, it’s the pronunciation as well. Once you find that perfect name for your character with the help of such tools then try giving it a meaning. Let it be unique and define your character’s unique ability.

As said before, trust in you and your work and see how everything falls into place!


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