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Eclinicalworks; Why Is the Software So Popular

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About eClinicalWorks EMR

eClinicalWorks software is a very popular EHR software that is a product of GroupOne health. This software has been around for a while and has earned a reputation for being a highly valued software. There are a lot of reasons why this software is considered number one, and we will explore some of these reasons in this piece. 

The software has been around since before 2004 and has since then been the flagship item from the tech giant. Currently, the software is being used by thousands of practices across the world. 

We will tell you some important things in this piece; eClinicalWorks software features, price and more. By the end of this piece, you should be able to come to a concussion about whether this software would be the right choice for you and your medical practice. 

The Best Features of eClinicalWorks EHR 

Patient Portal for Everyone’s Ease 

The first feature in eClinicalWorks software we want to tell you about is the patient portal feature. This is one of those features which makes things easier on both ends; yours and your patients. The software allows you to reduce the number of administrative duties on your shoulders because this software allows patients to have more control and autonomy over their treatment with you. Patients can schedule their own appointments, look at their billing and much more. 

The software allows patients to feel more at ease because they are in control of their treatment with you. They can schedule their own appointments and much more which helps them feel like they are in charge of their healthcare with you. 

Cloud Based EHR for Convenience 

Next, we would like to tell you about eClinicalWorks software’s wonderful cloud-based feature. This software is deploying through cloud-based solutions which means you can use the software from anywhere in the world since it is deploying remotely. This feature helps you to use the software at home on your phone or tablet from home. This feature helps you to make things a lot easier and convenient. 

These days everything is storing on cloud-based servers since that is what makes things easier. All in all, this helps you make things a lot easier for yourself!

Intuitive Software for your Ease

As a physician, you are usually swamping with work. This is why you need software that will make things easier for you. With eClinicalWorks software, you are able to make things much more convenient for yourself. The software is incredibly smart and helps you to make decisions much quicker. The software gives you suggestions that are helpful and also gives you prompts which you can choose and it automatically inputs information for you which will be helpful. All in all, this helps make things a lot easier for you and everyone involved. 

Telehealth Features for your Softwares

The telehealth feature in this software is another great one. This feature helps make things easier for both you and your patients. This is because the telehealth software allows you to make appointments virtually which patients can then attend through video calls as well. All in all, this feature enables you to make things a lot easier as you are able to see patients who might otherwise not be able to come into your clinic or practice. 

Patient Charting to make Treatment Simple

The charting feature in eClinicalWorks software is also wonderful in how it makes things easier for you. This feature allows you to chart patient data in record time. This means you are able to get done with patient appointments much quicker than before. This will help you schedule more patients in a day because you are able to schedule more appointments in the same amount of time. All of this helps make things a lot easier for you. 

These features make this software a great option for any medical practice!

eClinicalWorks Pricing 

The next thing we want to talk about for eClinicalWorks software is pricing. The software is steeply-priced and starts at $450 per user for its lowest tier. As you choose more features and have more users, the price will go up. But according to a lot of eClinicalWorks software reviews, the software makes up for the price in no time at all! 

Should you get eClinicalWorks

Now if you are wondering whether we recommend this software to you then we cannot make this decision for you but can perhaps help you come to your own conclusion. This means you should read as many reviews for the software as possible so that you can decide for sure whether this software would be right for you. 

You should also read about its features so that you know what to expect since it helps you determine whether the software is right for you. 

And finally, we suggest asking the vendor for a demo of the software to make a finalized decision after you have seen the software in action itself. All in all, we are sure whatever decision you make about the software will be the right call for the needs of you and your medical practice!


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