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How to file for resignation

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Filing for resignation can be a bit hard and you may want to have your remaining days not too stressful. There are steps you can follow to end your work with your boss successfully. First and foremost, you have to create that final decision and the rest will just follow. This article could help you take your first step on how to resign from a job.

Writing a resignation letter is the first step when you’ve finally decided to leave your current job. You’ll need an email resignation letter to inform your employer of your intention to leave their company. You should use this platform to express your reasons for resigning and to explain your exit plan. This article will guide you on how to write a good email letter and what you should include.

What to include in a resignation letter

• Warm and formal greetings

You should start your email resignation letter with formal greetings- you can use the word ‘Hello’ followed by the recipient name. Since in most cases, you’ll be writing to your supervisor, ensure the greeting is warm but maintain a professional tone.

• Statement of your resignation

This is a must point to include in your email resignation letter. Employers require straightforward resignation letters without much sugar coating so go ahead and state your reason for resignation plainly. However, you’re not needed to explain your reasons in detail.

Indicate that you’re writing to submit your resignation from your current role in the company.

• Last day of employment

Most organizations have set resignation guidelines which clearly stipulate time allowed for your notice. Use the time set and calculate the last day you’re allowed to leave and indicate it in your resignation letter.

However, ensure to confirm with the human resource manager your possible official last day.

• Express your gratitude

Regardless of your experience at the company or your reason for resigning, show appreciation to your employer and coworkers. Acknowledge the opportunities you were given during your employment and their contribution to your personal and professional growth.

Expressing your gratitude helps build a good rapport with the employer and they’ll be willing to write you a good recommendation letter.

You shouldn’t express any negative opinions in your resignation letter. If there’re any negative thoughts and you feel you should communicate them feel free to communicate them on another platform.

• Volunteer to assist in your exit transition

Go ahead and highlight in your resignation letter your plan for the transition process. Help in filing required documents and state how you plan to complete your pending tasks before leaving. Highlight your interest in an exit interview in case of any.

You can also offer to train your replacement if they’re hired when you’re still there.

• Contact information

You should write an email resignation letter like any other formal letter. Include detailed contact information about you and that of the recipient, probably your supervisor.

The contact information makes it easy to file your resignation letter and for retrieval in the future if need be.

• Professional sign-off and signature

At the end of your resignation letter, add a professional sign-off such as ‘Yours Truly’ followed by your signature and official name.

Tips for writing a resignation letter

i. Use a template or a sample to guide you when writing your email resignation letter.

ii. Maintain a positive tone as you draft your resignation letter and highlight how your current position helped improve your skills.

iii. Be firm and prepare for possible negotiations as your employer may need you to extend your period.

iv. Review your contract letter when writing your email resignation letter to ensure you follow set resignation guidelines.

A resignation letter is an important document and you should write it carefully with great consideration. In your email resignation letter, include your intention for writing, your last day, show gratitude and offer to help in exit formalities. Read your letter to correct grammar mistakes and to ensure it’s clear and direct to the point. Also, ensure to use proper formatting throughout the resignation letter. 

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