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How To Embed YouTube Widget On Website

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Nowadays, YouTube videos are an essential part of marketing strategy. For the last five years, establishing a solid online marketing presence has included YouTube Widget as a critical channel for growing on digital platforms.  

Hence, YouTube videos are a must for brands to grow in the recent marketing world and establish a strong foundation with a vast customer base. 

But have you ever wondered how to embed these powerful YouTube widgets on your website? 

YouTube videos are a great way to boost audience engagement by educating them about the topic your website belongs to. 

You may either embed the YouTube videos from your own YouTube channel or find a relevant YouTube video from another YouTuber. (ask permission before embedding other’s youtube videos). 

If you want to embed a YouTube widget on a website, then you are at the right place to learn how to do it in simple and easy steps. 

Two Ways To Embed YouTube Widget On a Website

There are two ways that you can use to embed videos on your website, there are:

  1. Manual Method To Embed YouTube Videos
  2.  Automatic Embed YouTube Video With The Help Of a Tool

You can easily embed YouTube videos on your website using any of these methods. The methods have their own pros and cons, which we also discuss below. Here you will learn steps for both ways to embed YouTube video widgets on your website. 

Method 1: Manually Embed YouTube Video

  • Select the video that you want to add to your website. 
  •  You will see the Share button, click on it, and various sharing options appear. 
  •  Now, select the Embed button, available with the other embed options. 
  •  Please copy the code and place it on your website. 

You can follow similar steps to embed as many videos as you want on your website. This is an easy and free-of-cost method to embed YouTube widgets on your website. However, embedding YouTube videos will consume a lot of your time. You also cannot customize and enhance the layout of the YouTube videos while using the manual method to embed YouTube videos. 

Hence, we are providing you with the automatic method to embed a YouTube widget with the help of the tool. 

Method 2: Automatically Embed YouTube Videos On the Website

Here we are using Taggbox Widget to embed YouTube videos on the website. For this, you must first start logging in to the Taggbox Widget. If you are a new user, start creating a free account. Once you are set with your account on Taggbox Widget, follow the steps below. 

  • Login to Taggbox Widget, and you will direct to a dashboard. 
  •  Select the My Widget and create a new widget for YouTube videos.
  •  Open the Widget and select the Social Feed option on the sidebar left of the screen. 
  •  Various social media channel options will appear; select YouTube. 
  •  A box will appear with various options like Channel Url, Play List, Keywords, and Location. 
  •  Choose any you want to collect the YouTube videos and showcase on your website. Click on the Create Feed button once you type in the box. 
  •  Now all the videos will appear related to the feed you have created. 
  •  If you want to display YouTube videos creatively, you can also customize videos using themes and other designs. 
  •  Select the design panel from the sidebar, click on themes and select any article from various options that best suit your website design. 
  •  You can also perform more customization to YouTube video feeds, like changing color, adding a background image, changing the size of meals, fonts, icon color, etc. 
  •  To remove any youtube video you find irrelevant and inappropriate, go to the Moderation Panel and select the video you want to display.  
  •  Once you are ready with your YouTube video feeds, click on the Publish button to embed these beautifully created videos. 
  •  As you click the Publish button, a screen pops up with CMS platform options. Select the one on which your website is built. 
  •  Now copy the code and paste it into the backend of your website. 

Tada! You have added attractive, engaging, and powerful YouTube videos to your website. With the help of tools, you can automatically add multiple YouTube videos to your website effectively. With tools, you can add designs, creative styles, and many more to your YouTube feeds. It is a cost & time-effective way to embed YouTube videos on your website. 

Hence, a social media aggregator tool is a better way to collect, curate, customize, and display amazing YouTube videos on your website.


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