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How To Verify Email Address Before Sending Cold Emails

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Over 80% of businesses in the United States use email to distribute content to current and potential customers. If you are trying to connect with your audience and want an effective method to use, there is no denying the power of email. There are various ways you can obtain the email address of consumers interested in your products/services.

Whether you use contact forms or buy a list of email addresses from a third party, verifying each of these addresses is essential.

Use Email Verification and Validation Services

If you plan to send out many emails, you have to verify that the addresses you have on hand work. There are tons of email verification and validation services on the market, making choosing the right one difficult.

These tools can save you time and reduce the amount of money you spend developing and sending emails to the wrong addresses. With the implementation of this state-of-the-art tool, you can verify your email addresses and kick your email marketing campaigns into high gear.

Take a Look at The Email Syntax

In some cases, business owners will take on the task of verifying email addresses manually. If you are taking on this task, email syntax is one of the main things you need to pay attention to.

In most cases, syntax and typographical errors are to blame for emails not being sent to the proper address or returned by your email service provider. It would help if you ensured that each email address follows the appropriate format. This format is usually the username, the at symbol (@) and the name of the domain hosting the email account. The address will only work if any of these elements are present or misspelled, the address will not work.

Create a Dummy Email Account

Verifying your list of email addresses is vital to email marketing success. You must pay attention to the need for this verification to save time developing marketing materials for people who will never see them. Verifying email addresses on time should be one of your main concerns. To accomplish this goal, you need to create a dummy account and send test emails to the various addresses on your list.

By doing this, you can figure out which ones work and which feature errors prohibit them from sending correctly.

Get To Work

As you can see, there are some ways to verify email addresses before you start sending out messages to consumers. Trying a few different verification methods is crucial when figuring out which works best for your business.


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