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Guide to Resolve the Issue on HP Printer Paper Jam error but no Paper Jam

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You are saying that there is no paper jam in your HP printer, but your printer says it. You should know that a tiny bit of paper stuck in the tray can cause a it error. A small amount of paper is enough to produce a paper jam error in the printer, and not removing that paper can cause further damage. Gradually, your printer device will stop working. In case you still need to clear the form soon.

There are many ways by which you can keep your work unbothered. Follow the provided information carefully and resolve your HP printer paper jam error but no it. 

Causes why your HP Printer showing printer paper jam error but no paper jam 

Before exploring the steps, let us know what causes the printer paper jam error. 

  • First, ensure you fill the paper tray in your printer device. The printer paper tray comes with a capacity limit for loading paper sheets. Overfilling can cause the paper to get stuck in the tray, resulting in printer paper jams. 
  •  The second most common mistake users make incorrectly positioning the paper sheets. Try to load the paper in the tray in the correct position. If its position gets incorrect, it causes printer paper jam. 
  •  Ensure your printer device is clean from any dust particles or papers. Dust particles can disrupt the printer device’s functioning and sometimes show printer it issues.   
  •  Also, ensure that you are using the correct size of paper sheets for your printer device because using an inferior quality or wrong size paper can cause paper printer jam issues. To avoid that, check the manual of your printer device and understand the right kind of paper sheet to prevent further problems. 

Fix the hp printer paper jam error, but no it issue in no time. 

Here are some tried and tested solutions for your printer device that effectively avoid printer paper jams. 

  • First, look closely at your printer device’s front panel. Remove the stuck paper gently if you find any form in the tray. 
  •  Now take a sharp look at the input tray of your printer and try to find any jammed paper. Clean the inside tray with a clean cotton cloth and return the printer to its normal position. 
  •  Jammed paper can occur in the output tray as well. Turn off your printer and look for the output tray > pull the jammed paper out gently, clean the tray carefully > and try to print a test document to see if it can resolve your issue. 
  •   Cleaning paper feed rolls is another effective way to avoid paper jam problems. Check carefully for any paper stuck in the feed roll. If found, clean it carefully.
  •  Also, try to clean the roller of your printer device. First, remove every paper sheet from the input tray, press the down arrow button > select setting option > clean paper feed > press ok > let your printer complete the cleaning process > run for the test print. 

If nothing works, try to reset the printer device. To perform the reset process, follow the below-mentioned steps carefully. 

  • Plug your printer device into any electrical socket and turn it on. 
  •  Now disconnect the power wire from the printer device. 
  •  Also, unplug the power wire from the outlet. 
  •  Let your printer get stable for 60 seconds. 
  •  Directly plug the power wire into the electrical socket and turn it on. 
  •  Reconnect the wire to the rear side of your printer device. 
  •  Turn your printer around and see if it can resolve your issue. 


If you still face printer paper jam errors but no paper jam issues, let us know and get the best assistance possible. 

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