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The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Maternity Clothes

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Congratulations! You’re pregnant. You cannot wait to hold your bundle of joy in your arms. It is also natural for most mothers-to-be to start worrying about maternity wear because you will quickly grow out of your regular clothes.

In fact, for most women, one of the biggest challenges during pregnancy is choosing the right maternity clothes. And if you’re a working woman, this can really drive you crazy. But, don’t worry because here are the right answers to all your questions related to maternity clothes.

When Should I Start Buying Maternity Wear?

You should start wearing maternity clothes when your ordinary clothes begin to feel tighter; generally speaking, this is around your second trimester.

Why Should I Wear Maternity Clothes?

As your body changes, ordinary clothes will no longer suit your shape. Baggy tops might be convenient, but at the same time, a top with a good fitting, specifically designed for you, will be more suitable for the body shape and look even better.

The primary purpose of maternity clothing is your comfort, and it is made with only you in mind. Therefore, it is a beneficial and sound investment as these maternity clothes will last you for the entire none months of your pregnancy and even beyond.

Can I Just Buy Ordinary Clothes in Bigger Sizes?

While you can surely purchase newer clothes in bigger sizes, it’s hard to predict how your body will change in the next few months, and your ordinary clothes will hardly be in a position to aid you. This is because they have not been made with your growing bump in mind.

Oversized baggy clothes are hardly going to do any justice to your look and should be definitely avoided. Would you wear an oversized piece on any given typical day? If not, then why begin with that now? Instead, you should treat yourself with gorgeous and elegant designs in maternity clothes that have been created for you and will be aiding you throughout the pregnancy.

What Maternity Clothing Essentials Should I Buy?

Being pregnant doesn’t mean you have to buy an entirely new wardrobe. Instead, invest in these maternity clothing essentials, and you’ll feel super comfortable and look fabulously fashionable throughout your pregnancy.

Basic tops:

It’s a good idea to get some basic vests and t-shirts. Ruching on the side is flattering to the bump and has plenty of room for growth.


High-stretch maternity leggings are super comfortable and can be worn with various tops.


Empire line dresses are perfect for flattering your pregnant shape; they’ll show off both your cleavage and bump to perfection! Choose a vibrant color or bold print, and you’ll stand out for all the right reasons. Don’t forget the classic “Little Black Dress” – a must-have for any wardrobe.

Jogging Bottoms:

These are super comfy and perfect for everyday wear. Loose-fitting maternity pants are ideal for traveling, yoga, jogging, office, lounging around, running errands, and hanging out with friends.


These are good for layering, a babydoll cardigan that buttons up at the top leaves plenty of room for your bump, or a wrap-around or waterfall cardigan can be used as a cover for breastfeeding.

Yoga Wear:

Yoga is vital to stay healthy and happy during pregnancy. Invest in a few stretchy maternity yoga wear, and you will look and feel amazing while you’re working out.

Button-down Shirts:

A must-have for looking smart at work. A wrap-around shirt grows with your bump.

Maternity Bras and Briefs:

Choosing a couple of good supportive maternity bras supports your breasts during your pregnancy. However, you may well need to choose a new bra at about 8-12 weeks into your pregnancy.


Swimming is one of the safest forms of exercise for pregnant women, so there’s an excuse for a gorgeous new maternity swimsuit or tankini. A beautifully fitting tankini works well, making any woman who wears it look stylish and trendy.

What Size Do I Need to Buy?

When buying maternity clothes, you should generally choose the size that fitted you pre-pregnancy. If in doubt, then have a check in the size guide. For your maternity and nursing bra, you should be re-measured. It’s recommended to start wearing a maternity bra at about 8-12 weeks and buying a nursing bra at around 37-38 weeks.

Where Should I Buy Maternity Wear From?

It is essential to purchasing maternity wear of outstanding quality. This is supposed to last you throughout your pregnancy and, most of the time, even later. So its quality is vital before any purchase being affected. There’s a chance you will use it after birth, too, as it may be at least a few months to shed weight and return to your original pre-pregnancy size.

Hopefully, you have now got answers to all your maternity wear-related questions. Shop for maternity clothing essentials right away, and you’ll never regret it!


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