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Uber, Instacart, Gojek, and Postmates–  these On-Demand on-demand Service apps have sweepingly entered our daily lives.

Everyone is busy with their professional and personal lives with minimal time to attend the routine tasks like grocery shopping, housekeeping, driving, etc. And that’s when an app like Gojek comes in.

This useful Gojek Clone App is designed to target those customers who are looking to have easy access to the services. In response, the Super App meets these demands offering a single platform to avail such services on the go.

Gojek Clone App with 70+ On-Demand Services will have several services providers from various niches offering high-quality products/services at reasonable rates.

Gojek Clone Will Be The Next Big Thing

In this fast-paced world, people want everything instantly.

We have search engines at our fingertips that give us the immediate information we need. People expect the same when it comes to buying products and services. The hectic schedules have compromised personal time.

Witnessing the hassles to spare “ Me” time, people are now inclined to use On-Demand Multiservices App. The All in One Services has made the life of the customers easier and smoother. Everything from choosing a specific service to getting it delivered right at the doorstep it is done in few swaps.

An app like Gojek is an On-Demand Service in a Single Application that primarily comprises of Uber-Like App for Taxi Booking, On-Demand Delivery App and Other On-Demand Services that offers Handyman services, Beautician services, Electrician, Plumbing services, Car-washing services, Sanitization, House-cleaning services, etc. These services enable your customers to get on with their day-to-day hassles.

Read on, here on how the On-Demand All in One Services App like Gojek work, the features, and how it can be beneficial to the businesses looking to venture into an on-demand industry.

How Gojek Clone App Works?

An on-demand service app like Gojek is a hands-on solution.

It works as a bridge between consumers and different service providers. The said customized All in One Apps is developed on platforms like iOS and Android (or for both).

Here’s how the Gojek Clone App work.

  • The user will place the request to avail specific services
  • The app will connect with the user’s request with the available service providers/taxis from nearby proximity.
  • The provider/driver will authenticate the request and approves it.
  • The user will pay from one of the online payment methods
  • The payment gets authorized.
  • The ride/services that users have requested are quickly delivered to the preferred location.
  • Confirmation of delivery takes place between the consumer and the delivery personnel.
  • The user provides feedback/ratings.

Gojek Clone App Development Process – Building The Best On-Demand App

Choosing Gojek Clone App – Once you choose to purchase All in One Services App, the app development team will send the working demo, features as well as prices along with relevant details.

Placing the order – When you have gone through the Gojek Clone Demo, the scope of the agreement, your branding information as well as the invoice is readied.

White-labeling Process – Once the details are received by the app development team, the white-labeling process of the app and the web panel starts.The demo is provided to you once it is done.

Launching and going live – Once you have approved the final demo, the team will proceed further with launching the app in the Play Stores and services.

2021 Version New Features Of Gojek Clone To Be Included

On-demand Taxi Booking App

It is a primary feature of Gojek App Clone. The taxi booking services work similarly just like Uber like App.

The features include:

  • Restricted passenger limit
  • Safety ratings and reviews
  • Ride cancellation
  • Book ride for someone else
  • Shop/stop/eat while riding
  • In-app chat support
  • Face Mask verification
  • Safety Checklists
  • Safety ratings and reviews
  • Graphical icon status of the orders
  • OTP verification

On-demand Delivery Services & Other Services

These are store-based deliveries services that your users can avail themselves of any time, anywhere.  This includes groceries, Food, Water-bottle, Medicines, Wine/Alcohol, Office supplies, Flowers & gifts, etc.

On-Demand Service provider comprises a wide range of freelancer as well as service providers offering On-Demand services like Car-washing services, Sanitization services,  Babysitting, House-cleaning/Maid services, Pet walkers, Lawyers, Handyman services, Beauticians, Plumbers, Electricians, etc.

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The feature will include:

  • Store wise commission
  • Daywise separate time slots
  • Item name searching to add to the cart
  • Voice instruction for the delivery drivers
  • Restaurants to upload pictures of the kitchen
  • Order cancellation option for delivery drivers 
  • Schedule now get delivery later
  • Graphical icon status of the orders via in-app notifications

On-Demand Multi Services In Single App – Offer Add-on Features

When building the Best Gojek Clone App with New Features along with COVID19 Safety Features will drive a better customer experience.

It makes it easy for your customers knowing that the app is trustable and puts their safety first.

The COVID19 Safety features to include

  • Contactless deliveries
  • Takeaway options
  • Cashless payments
  • Safety badge

Who Do We Recommend Buying Ready-made Multiservices Gojek App Solution?

If you are planning to Launch On-Demand Multi Services App quickly in the market, then Gojek Clone App is the right solution.

Startups, investors, small-medium businesses, established brands who are looking to do something new that requires low investment and quick results should consider Building Super App for their brands.

Gojek Clone App Development  – Winding Up

Buying the Best Gojek Clone App Solution helps entrepreneurs to start their businesses efficiently and quickly. Build on the latest technologies, 100% availability of source code, White-labeled, New Features. Overall providing a rich user experience to your customers.

Witnessing the trend, it is clear that investing in Gojek Clone App Development will be the best bet for your business. Initiate your On-Demand Multi Services App today. For any queries and confusion, you will always have the app development team to clarify.

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