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Evidence Based Practice with Telehealth

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Thanks to the advancements of the digital era, accessing information has never been easier. In regards to the internet and medical practice, new and improved information about illness diagnosis and treatments are paving ways to better treatment outcomes and patient satisfaction. Owing to the uninterrupted and the quick internet network, it is possible to access incredibly massive Medical Digital Libraries with an extensive amount of data and knowledge, with the click of a button.

Before these advancements in information and technology, health professionals relied their interventions and treatment plans on what they were taught in medical schools, their intuition and on the advice of their superiors, the more experienced doctors. With new research and breakthroughs, past evidence and knowledge can become outdated, and individual experiences are prone to be subject to internal biases, consciously or unconsciously. Therefore, just relying on older, more experienced colleagues or solely relying on outdated medical school courses as the only source of information can lead to incorrect interpretations and bad decision making. This does not mean that clinical experience or medical school degrees aren’t reliable. However, health care professionals such as doctors and nurses are expected to incorporate an Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) approach to their decision making. You can get the latest health care services and assistance via telehealth, by booking an online consultation with a doctor near you. 

What is Evidence Based Practice?

Evidence-based practice (EBP) is an essential component in assuring quality of health care. EBP is the use of clinical research to determine the best forms of patient care. Health care providers practicing EBP incorporate latest research findings, expert opinions, and their own clinical experience, as well as patient preferences to identify and devise ways to provide optimal patient care. This means that an EBP practising doctor will take into account your situation in terms of financial support, social support, and your preferences. For example, if a patient suffers from a chronic illness such as diabetes, their EBP doctor will keep in consideration their financial capacity before prescribing the type of medicine or insulin they need to manage their sugar levels. Or if a vegetarian with low Vitamin B12 levels goes to an EBP health care provider, he/she will advise nutritional changes according to the patient’s dietary preferences. If you want a doctor who will listen to you and consider your preferences, book a consultation now with an online doctor in Lahore.

The opportunity that the digital era presented was realised by physicians, allowing them to apply very recent scientific, medical studies to their current patients to achieve the best outcomes in a short amount of time. Today, most of the health care professionals around the world have taken an evidence-based approach to their practice. However, in Pakistan a large number of doctors still only rely on outdated and biased information, especially in remote and rural areas of Pakistan. This not only causes patients to go back for health care services time after time, but also takes a toll on their mental health. It increases the financial burden and time wasted on non-effective treatments. Outdated medical practices can sometimes cause more damage to our body in the long run, and discourage patients from getting the necessary medical treatment because of unsatisfactory results in the past. You can now book online consultations with the best practicing physicians from around the world with Telemedicine. 

How Telemedicine Uses EBP To Enhance The Patients Experience?

Telemedicine or Telehealth interventions allow for an extremely interactive session patients and providers. It offers evidence-based practices such as effective care, information and timely communication for patients virtually. MY LIVE DOCTORS is such a platform. My Live Doctors provide quality healthcare based around your preferences. So, book an online consultation today with an expert physician.

Some of the Evidence Based Practices you can benefit from with virtual care through My Live Doctors are:

  • Provider Ease & Satisfaction: During the pandemic, many health facilities closed down or reduced their hours. Physicians providing services via My Live Doctors typically save up more time as compared to in-hospital doctors who are a lot of times overloaded with extra appointments and staff interruptions. Your Expert Online Doctor can offer you a more personalised and detailed appointment without any external distractions.
  • Detailed Medical History: With My Live Doctors, you can record your medical history prior to your appointment, while creating a patient profile on the website/app. Your online doctor will have all your essential medical history to deduce the best treatment plan for you with the help of an evidence-based approach. 
  • Convenience: With MLD, you don’t need to take time off of work. MLD safeguards patient preferences, by offering them remote care. So, you can choose when and where you want the online consultation. Your access to an online physician also eliminates the need for child or elder care that you might otherwise require if travelling to a health facility. 
  • Easy Access to Specialists: You now have unlimited access to specialists from all over Pakistan in the palm of your hand. Telemedicine also makes it easier for people with disabilities and mobility issues to get access to expert doctors and care. MLD is also improving access for disadvantaged populations, such as older adults and geographically isolated populations.
  • Support for people with chronic conditions: With at-home monitoring you can log in your records for your online doctor to see on the next appointment
  • Behavioural Support: My Live Doctors also offer you online consultations in regards to many behavioural problems you or your loved one’s might be facing. This platform ensures a non-judgmental, unbiased and private environment for mental health patients who a lot of times avoid seeking help because of social stigmas and taboos associated with mental health. 

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