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EV Charging – How Does it Work?

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One of the biggest concerns for any car owner who is considering buying or switching to electric vehicles is – how are they going to charge their new vehicle? The only thing they’ve known up until now is fuel or gas-powered vehicles which can be easily filled up at any of the hundreds or thousands of gas stations available.

If you wish to find out more about electricians Northampton before making a big investment into an electronic vehicle, then we suggest that you keep reading on as we’ve put together everything you should know about EV charging.

What are EV Charging Stations?

An electric vehicle charging station is an infrastructure similar to your old good ol’ gas stations that link an electric vehicle (EV) to a power source in order to recharge electric cars, other electric vehicles, and plug-in hybrids. Currently, there are more than 20,000 electric vehicle charging stations available across the UK.

How does EV Charging Work?

An EV charger draws an electrical current from a 240v outlet or the grid to which it is connected and provides it to the car, much like any other appliance or gadget that is charged by plugging it into a wall. Charging your electric vehicle is a nominal process you simply plug your vehicle into a charger that is linked to the power grid and there you have it. Not all EV charging stations, however, are made equal.

The Levels of Ev Charging Stations Are as Follows

  • Level 1 chargers are the slowest, yet they are also the most common and meet the demands of certain individuals. The EV community refers to a standard 110-120 volt (V) wall socket as Level 1. That is the same voltage that you would use to power most of your household items, from a floor lamp to a microwave to a phone charger.
  • Level 2 chargers are far superior to a standard wall socket for EV charging. They are considerably easier to locate along numerous roads. They are 220-240 V, which is the same voltage as most standard-size electric clothes dryers used in households.
  • Level 3 chargers are also called fast chargers. They have a voltage of 400 V or more and generally charge at a pace of 50-60 kW. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Regrettably, Level 3 charging is the most costly of the three options.
    Types of EV chargers

More than 80% of electric vehicle owners use their home installed ports for charging their vehicle, corporate and commercial chargers however appear to be very different from one another as they are produced and installed by different networks. It is usually the speed of one’s charger that defines what type of charger and plug you require.

There Exist 3 Main Types of Chargers

  • Slow chargers are basic chargers that come as standard with most electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles. Allowing you to charge overnight using a regular 13-amp three-pin connection.
  • Fast chargers enhance the speed at which you can charge an EV’s battery. And can substantially decrease the normal “completely charged” period to only a few hours.
  • Rapid Chargers; car companies like Tesla and Porche have developed these chargers. That has been designed to charge your electric vehicles at a much faster speed as its name suggests.
    Is EV charging costly?

The answer to this question greatly depends on where you decide to charge from. As electricity and access costs vary from place to place. Places like hotels, shopping centers, or businesses give out power for free. While most stations cost approximately £1.50 to £2 per hour.
Benefits of EV charging

You can experience several benefits that are accompanied by the usage of EV Charging Northampton

  • Lower to non-existent fuel usage results in cleaner air
  • The lower cost of operating electric vehicles opens the door to alternative types of sustainable transportation.
  • EV charging is environmental friendly
  • A safer and renewable energy option
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