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Well…Being an ex-student of EDEN IAS and appeared for the first time in the interview, I think I am the right person to talk about, why one should join EDEN IAS?

Like many misguided students, I am also that student which was misguided while started preparing…. not even told that I should read NCERTs too.

Well, coming to the important point…. REASONS for joining!!

1. Foundation Course (I was the student of their UTTKARSH Foundation Batch)which they are providing is value for money. The most important point about these classes is the good teachers be it Mr. Tirthankar Roychowdhary or Mr. Deepak Singhala or Ms. Priya Kandola Ma’am, all are fantastic. Roy sir can teach any subject and make u an expert on that subject.

2. The course was completed on the time and with daily foundation classes, we used to get 1 subjective question and 5 objective questions for the practice purpose. Truly saying this helped me a lot in improving my writing practice.

3. We used to get doubt counter sessions where one can ask any doubt and teachers were so calm in solving the problems.

4. For me the most interesting class was the WEEKLY CURRENT ROUNDUP. It made me enrich my answer writing skills.

5. I also did mains answer writing, it was called STEPS. Those four questions gave me a UPSC mains kind of feeling. The most important part was within 72 hours I used to get my evaluated sheets with the best possible reviews. It really helped me in improving my writing skill.

6. Their class strength was not so big (almost 70 -80) students and it was the best part. Teachers were easily accessible.

7. Test Series was also good as I was enrolled in both Prelims and Mains test series. Question qualities were very good. In mains, test evaluation makes you improve yourself.

8. I have also taken mock interviews from here and the experience was so good. 

9. So I get everything good from here …………and I must say one is not going to regret it after enrolling here……as what one sees while enrolling is, the institute should be like ”value for money and time”. This institute is for sure.

10. So if you are looking for a good institute then  EDEN IAS is for sure……..as I have been part of other institutes too, either for some test series or for some demo………. Let me share some  1-2 experiences…. I joined the GS Score UPSC Mains test series and nothing was good in that from question to evaluation, joined the VISION IAS Test series too, though questions were good no one is going to solve your problems if you are facing one.

11 So, time is limited but money is yours, invest wisely.

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