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How to Resolve Epson Printer L210 Paper Feed Error

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The Epson industry is famous for manufacturing printer devices. These printers are simple to configure and provide good quality printouts. The New Epson printer series also has the network connection feature. Once the user configures his printer on the network, he can share the Epson among other connected devices. While using this printer, few users get the L210 paper feed problem. This Paper Feed Error appears when the printer roller is not working correctly. But few other factors can also lead to paper feed error.

Reasons behind Epson Printer Paper Feed Error:

  1. The printer roller is not working
  2. Jamming of Paper
  3. You have entered paper incorrect size 
  4. Your printer is very slow
  5. Pages are not aligned correctly
  6. The user has insert different sizes of pages on the tray

Troubleshooting Epson Printer L210 Paper Feed Error

Restart the printer

Whenever your Epson printer shows you a paper feed error, you must restart it. The printer can show errors when it gets into a runtime error. When you restart the Epson printer, the runtime error will be repaired and now your printer will start working. Users should also restart their computers so the printer can find the resources. Your printer starts showing errors when the PC is not providing the required resources. After restarting, all resources will become available for the printer and it will start working.

Paper Jam

It is a common reason behind the paper feed error. Paper stuck inside your printer and then gets the whole device into error. You need to clean the junk from inside the printer to fix his error. Without cleaning the printer, it won’t work. Open your Epson printer and remove the page. Now check for the small chunks inside the printer and roller. Remove the chunks and then use a cloth and clean the printer. Now restart Epson and check for the paper feed error.

Run Printer Troubleshooter for Paper Feed Error

Many of the printer issues can be resolved by using a troubleshooter. When the printer is showing an error due to some unknown error then you should run the troubleshooter. It will search for that unknown error and will repair it. Go to the computer and open the Update and Security page. Select Troubleshooter and choose the Printer icon. Now run that utility tool on the system and then check its result. If the wizard shows that your error is resolved then your printer will start working. In case, the troubleshooter can’t resolve the error then hit on the More option and you will get the reason behind the error.

Check the rollers

When the rollers are not working then it can’t get the page and the Epson printer won’t print. You have to repair the rollers immediately. Go to printer rollers and check for any paper chunks which are getting the rollers into error. Clean the roller sides correctly so they can work well. If the rollers are still not working then go to hardware repair and fix them. Once the roller starts working, you can take printouts with your Epson easily. 

Align the Pages on a Tray

Users can get the paper feed error when pages on the tray are not aligned. When you give the print command, the roller draws the page from the tray. When the page is not aligned, it gets stuck inside the rollers and shows a paper feed error. Whenever you get the error, remove all pages from the tray. Align all the pages correctly and reinsert them in the tray. Also, you must use the same-sized pages on the tray. Indeed, the Epson printer allows printing in different sizes. But you should put one-size pages at a time. When you have placed different size pages on the tray, the Epson printer gets confused and starts showing the error. Use the correct size page for taking printouts with Epson.

Check for the Printer Speed

You can get the roller error when the printer is very slow due to low electricity. When the power is very low, the printer can’t work properly and the roller starts working very slowly. Connect Epson to a good electricity source. The printer can show a speed error when connected via a poor USB cable. Switch to a high-speed USB cable and then your printer will start working reliably. 


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