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How to resolve the Epson Printer Won’t Scan Error

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Epson is a popular printer brand that provides bright printouts with good speed. New models of Epson printers also have a scanning service. Users can scan the documents using the Epson printer without any issues. Purchasing a multifunctional printer is a better option as you can use a single device for various functions. While using the Epson device for scanning, some users reported that they are getting several errors. Your printer can show scanning errors due to several reasons. However, you can try a few manual solutions for troubleshooting the Epson Printer Scan Error.

Verify Scan Compatibility Mode

Many printer users face this error after updating the PC. When you get this error, check for compatibility mode. Users often get this error when the mode changes to compatibility mode. 

  1. Go to the computer and click on Epson driver
  2. Tap on the Properties
  3. Click on the Compatibility tab and hit on Run on compatibility mode
  4. Uncheck the box and tap OK button
  5. Now go to desktop and open run wizard
  6. Type services.msc and press the OK button
  7. Right-click on Windows Image Acquisition
  8. Select the Properties 
  9. Go to Startup Type and hit on Automatic
  10. Click on Service Status and change it to Running

Tap on the Apply button and now go to your Epson printer and try to scan the document.

Update your Printer Driver

Updating the driver is necessary otherwise the device won’t work and you will get the Epson Printer in Error State message on the screen. You have to update the driver otherwise the printer will not accept the commands. Go to your computer and select the driver and tap on the Update option. Wait until the driver updates to the latest version. Restart the system and again connect to the Epson printer. When the driver is corrupted; the update will not fix the error.

The user has to repair the files of your driver. For this job, you can run a driver repair tool. Run the program on the computer and it will repair all corrupted drivers of your computer. When the driver repair is not working; reinstall the setup. You can remove the corrupted Epson driver. Now open the Epson website and install your driver. Once the driver error gets resolved, your printer will start scanning.

Run Printer’s Troubleshooting 

Your Epson printer can get into scanning issues when some printer program files are not working. Finding the files manually and repairing them is difficult. Users can directly run the troubleshooter to fix the Epson Printer Scan Error. Open the Windows computer and select the Settings option

  1. Click on Update & Security and tap on Troubleshoot
  2. Select Get up and running
  3. Choose the Printer and hit the Run button

 Your printer troubleshooter will take some time to complete the scan and then you have to restart the device. Now, go to the Epson printer and click on the Scan option. Check whether the Epson printer’s scanning feature is running or not.

Set your Epson Printer as the Default

Sometimes, the printer can show errors while using the scan feature if it is not set as default. When you are seeking any error while accessing the Epson printer; set it as default. After setting it default; all the commands will directly get transferred to the Epson device. Open the device and click on Settings

Go to Devices and tap on Printers & Scanners

Uncheck the Allow Windows to manage button

Click on your Epson printer and open the Manage tab

Choose Set as Default option

Close the settings page and restart the device. Now try to scan your documents.

Reconnect the printer to PC

When the scanning service is not working; try a test printout. If both of the services are showing errors then check the printer connection. Check the connecting cable for damage. If you see any kinks then replace the cable. In network connection, check the Wi-Fi status on your printer and PC. Also, check the WPS pin of the router. Disconnect your Epson printer from the network. Disable Wi-Fi and restart it after a minute. Reconnect your Epson printer to the network and then check for scanning service. 

Scan your computer

There are chances that malware infection is interrupting your drivers. When a user tries to scan a document; the driver doesn’t work and the printer starts showing the error. Run antivirus on the computer and restart it after removing all malware. Insert a document and try to use a scanning service. 


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