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Easy Steps to Make a Buy-Sell Marketplace App like Letgo & Offerup

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Due to technological development, almost everyone depends on mobile applications to fulfill their needs. The comforts provided by mobile applications make it more popular, especially Buy-Sell Marketplace apps. Erstwhile, it isn’t so easy for the buyers and sellers to communicate with one another, but now the scenario has completely changed. Nowadays, shoppers prefer to order used things from nearby locations rather than spending too much time on long-distance shipping. So, it’s time for you to grab your customers effortlessly. 

This blog discusses different aspects and simple steps to develop buy-sell marketplace platforms like LetGo and OfferUp. 

Brief Understanding on Marketplace Apps

For your reference, the marketplace effortlessly develops a bond between the buyers and sellers. It permits the users to buy from different sellers. The operator doesn’t need to have their stockpile, has to assist users & transactions. 

You would have already familiar with Uber, a leader in their arena, and offers demand-based service. You may be unaware that even its competitors are all a big chunk in the revenue share.

As per a survey, OfferUp reports that its users spend around 30 minutes of their day in the OfferUp app. It indicates vast chances for the businesspersons to earn more revenue and launch marketplace apps for their own businesses. 

About OfferUp App

OfferUp app is genuine, easily accessible, user-friendly, and reliable to enroll in virtual communities. For the past three years, it is one of the top shopping app lists. 

About LetGo App

LetGo app helps customers to buy and sell products locally within the communal. The app had already crossed 100 million downloads and 500 million inventories all over the world. 

OLX is the primary investor behind LetGo and is funding for OfferUp. 

Easy steps for developing buy-sell marketplace app

Hope now you would have decided to generate buy-sell marketplace app development. It is substantially necessary to understand the simple steps for building an letgo clone app.

Analyze the best selling app

Irrespective of the niche, online sales is always a competitive business. First of all, analyze different marketplace applications to know the best selling apps to embark yourself on a winning journey. 

Select appropriate business model

Creating an online marketplace without a business model will lead you to no way to success. Having a prominent marketplace solution, some attain failure of not finding the perfect business model. One needs to perceive well about their business & pick the apt business model that goes right.

Select the best tech stack

A Tech stack is a broad range of technical possibilities used to create an application. With a suitable tech stack & the right team who are experts in developing buy-sell marketplace platforms, Enrolling with them, do check their portfolio, know how they can help you in improvising your business.

Make Your Computer Faster Than Before

Integrate necessary features

An ideal marketplace requires some essential features to aid you in growing your business along with the buyer/seller community. Adding powerful features will enhance the trade & your popularity.

  • Integrating payment gateway
  • Customized search bar
  • Easier navigation
  • Convenience in listing products
  • Admin section
  • Rating and feedback submission
  • Integration with social media
  • In-built chat apps
  • Online order system
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • SEO
  • Shopping cart
  • Shipping and delivery tracker
  • Analytical data
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Multi-currency support

Brand name matters

You may even think about whether it is that essential to select a good name. It may sound silly, it’s true.. Today, in this hectic market situation, a business needs something to stay unique among the crowd. You may even select an exceptional name for your company at the beginning, it is the one that stays awake always, uttering your achievements. A brand name plays a significant role in developing a successful business by increasing sales. 

Appealing UI/UX

After picking the right name for your business, the brand name itself will create an identity over the internet. Next, enriching your application with enticing UI and UX design will help your e-store hold back the visitors you need. It provides an outstanding shopping experience that remains forever. It helps in grabbing the attention of new visitors. To make yourself stand out from the crowd, handle high-definition images, more comfortable navigation, better end-user experience, and an insightful app.

Promote your application

After launching your application, it is essential to think about the set of marketing schemes and the right way to apply them to your business. To do marketing effectively, you can always contact some first-rated digital marketing services which can take your business to a higher level. 

Remember, there are loads of benefits that you can attain by entering the market with such buy sell marketplace. It will take some time to earn income. 

Guard your marketplace against fraudsters

If you have started reaching success, it is common to expect some third-party frauds. It is happening in every flourishing marketplace, and some of them are taking too much time to work meaningfully. Here are some simple techniques that you can utilize to avoid fraudulent activities,

  • Know your users and validate their identity
  • Scrutinize the past behaviors of users
  • Put efforts in focusing the transactions 
  • Ban identified frauds and prevent them from entering your application again
  • Have complete control over your money flow

Utilize consumer comments & reviews to identify the cheaters. If you don’t spend time standardizing your trading, there are chances for you to lose your customers in bulk. In some cases, if you get too many negative comments regarding a seller or buyer, inform other users to secure them from the future embarrassing shopping experience. 

Now creating your marketplace for local buyers & sellers need much effort to promote your application, as the vendors will never think of placing their goods in an app with not many visitors. The best way to promote is to do advertising.Add necessary features to your marketplace, and be transparent to everyone. By being transparent, users can get the relevant chance to show off their interest and discuss the product details with the seller. 


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