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Things To Know Before Getting An EV Charger Installed

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A decade ago, electric vehicles would have sounded like a dream. However, EVs are the reality of today. More and more people are shifting towards electric vehicles because of their numerous advantages. However, there’s one problem that EV owners often face, and it is related to EV charging.

Therefore, many people are getting EV chargers installed in their homes. However, before doing so, everyone should know certain things. To help you out, we have listed all these things below.

Parking Space

Many people wonder if they require a parking space for getting an EV Charger installed; the answer is yes. You must have a proper parking space where you can conveniently charge your electric vehicle. You will also need a proper flow of electricity and switches around your parking space.

You can consult a professional regarding this and figure out whether you can get the required fixtures to the place you’ve decided. Without a parking space, you’d need to do extra work to charge your EV. If you can’t find a convenient parking space, you should go for battery-powered electric vehicles.

Therefore, make sure you have a parking space reserved for your electric vehicle before going for electric car charger installations.

Type of Chargers

It would help if you also considered different types of chargers present in the market before you get one installed. Different types of EVs require different chargers, which is why you need to buy a charger that suits your EV.

Below is a list of commercial EV chargers you can choose from:

  • Type 1 AC Charger: The name only suggests something to do with an air conditioner. This type of charger uses your air conditioner to charge your electric vehicle. If you wish the charging to be quick, you shouldn’t go for this charger as it is pretty slow. It offers 220 volts of electricity and a maximum of 16 amps of current.
  • Type 2 Charger: These chargers are compatible with AC and DC charging systems because they are three-phase input power systems. These chargers are more quick and efficient than type 1 chargers, so most people get them installed for their EVs.
  • GB/T type chargers: These chargers provide 15 kW of output with lower power. They are only compatible with DC chargers and are the quickest.

Benefits of an EV Charger

There are a lot of advantages one can get by switching to an electric vehicle. Below are some of them:

  • An electric vehicle costs way less than a regular vehicle. If you compare the price of the vehicle and the advantages offered, you’ll find the price to be quite less.
  • EVs are better for the environment as they do not create any emissions. Moreover, they do not require fuel. Thus, the future can be full of EVs.
  • With electric vehicles, you are offered a greater diversity in fuel choices.

Thus, there are many advantages to an EV that can make you want to shift to them if you haven’t already.

EV Maintenance

An EV can offer you many advantages except the advantage of being maintenance-free. Like your normal vehicle, an EV requires proper maintenance, and it is essential for it.

Below is how you can take care of your electric vehicle:

  • Check your tyre pressure once every month. Make sure your tyre isn’t over-inflated or under-inflated. Also, inspect the tyres for external damage.
  • Rotate your tyres every 7,500 miles.
  • Inspect the windshield wiper blades every month along with the lights.
  • You should drain and refill the vehicle coolant circuits every five years and also replace the brake fluid.

That was all! Now you know everything about getting an EV charger installed at home. Make sure you consider the things mentioned above before you get the charger installed!


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