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Diminish your DME Prior Authorization Delays With Sunknowledge

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Even after so many years the process of prior authorization still remains a top challenge for healthcare industry along with ongoing shortage of skilled and experienced authorization professionals.

It is mostly seen that in the prior authorization process keeping up with increasing workloads becomes a challenge resulting in productivity getting squeezed. In fact, the major issues in prior authorization are care delays which have a great impact on patient safety concerns as well as administrative inefficiencies.

Sunknolwdge services Inc helps you reducing DME prior authorization inefficiencies:

Eliminating the administrative workload of the DME prior authorization process and hassle associated with dealing with several insurance, payers etc, our experts reduce turnaround times for insurance eligibility with 99% prior authorization approvals rate.

Minimizing organizational silos, our experienced and dedicated experts further working on proper checks improves the collection outcomes, accuracy rate to 99.9% and overall patient satisfaction. Preventing the authorization gaps in care and ensure that patients are receiving their medications, we ensures 100% prior authorization submission on the same day with a faster outcome.

In fact with complete operational transparency and communication, automation to improve efficiency, we today are known for highest productivity metrics in the industry. Catreing to all your DME prior authorization needs, we further Increase your current rate of completed requests by 1.5 – 2x. With our follow up team we further excel in recovery method to ensure higher collection for your practices.

With our extensive experience in adjudicating claims for large Payers, our team takes care of all checking of all your eligibilities, 

  • collecting of all the documents from the physician office that is needed for the DME prior authorization process
  • contacting the payer for the auth outcome,
  • enquiring the reason of delay or denial and finding a solution to prevent it
  • Updating the auth outcome in the practice management system.

Driving your cash flow, partnering with Sunknowledge services Inc is an advantage you experience as we assist you getting a seamless DME prior authorization at a cost effective rate and faster reimbursement.


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