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How to Speed Up Payments with Streamlined Urgent Care Billing

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You have a sufficient patient volume and excellent online evaluations as an urgent care billing center, but all this is still not converting into profits. This is the case all around, and if your revenue is still lacking, you must ensure appropriate use of the resources available to you to earn reimbursements properly in the long run.

The popularity of urgent care clinics is steadily growing, and by 2023, it is predicted to reach about $26 billion in value. It is undeniably true that good practices for urgent care billing should always begin at the front desk.

Due to the walk-in nature of the appointments, there is often no pre-registration process. However, the staff must collect all of the fundamental information that determines urgent care billing in the long run.

Entering the essential demographic information, such as name, address, and the reason for the visit must be done straight away. Other aspects, such as the patients’ financial responsibilities and the after-visit strategy, must also be confirmed for a simpler reimbursement process to follow.

Sunknowledge’s superiority

We have invested vastly in developing a pool of skilled urgent care billers and coders who understand what it takes to address your practice management priorities. Our team understands how to collect all of the necessary information, beginning with

  • Patient details
  • Entry
  • Urgent care coding
  • Claims submission
  • Denial management
  • Accounts receivable collections
  • Payment posting

Sunknowledge, being a competitive urgent care billing services provider, understands how to obtain all of your money on time by timely submitting your claims. We handle everything from patient demographic input to obtaining approvals or reviewing eligibility.

If necessary, sending claims following payer adjudication priorities. Monitoring rejections, and collecting aged accounts receivable. Sunknowledge Services Inc currently acts as a full-service destination. Collaborating with some of the major Urgent care billing centers in the country, including the largest in New York.

The following are Sunknowledge Services Inc’s distinctive characteristics:

  • Conformity certificates renewed every year
  • On all working days, dedicated resources with US phone numbers are available
  • Supervisors and Internal Auditors are assigned for giving free consultation
  • All of our clients have access to dedicated Account Managers at no additional cost
  • A cutting-edge infrastructure has been put in place to protect PHI against harmful threats.
  • USD 3 million in liability insurance, with per-incident coverage of up to USD 1 million
  • Coding and Billing Support at 2.9% of collections from all services.
  • No binding contract

Join Sunknowledge and learn from our professionals about how we have been clinical with our performance and exceptional account management support. We do not write off or make adjustments unless our clients approve. We are your preferred urgent care billing destination since we have a zero attrition rate and a 100% client satisfaction record.


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