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Custom LED Display.

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For the increasing need for environmental protection and global energy conservation,  efficient LED Displays are introducing by manufacturers with surety of hundred per cent performance of LED s

 Vision Led Display is offering new creative and amazing led screens with small pixel pitch display, That is best performing components and materials.

Vision Led Display is the right place for you to have led display or outdoors led display applications. We also offer complete display solutions and the best experience to serve our clients.

We provide the, designing sketch, drawing steel structure, software configuration to product installation along with remote controlling that makes everything to be easier

Product Introduction:

Custom LED Display is a smartly designed application with a variety of pixel pitches that provide unlimited possibilities in any size and shape.

The Led Displays are usually made up of outdoor panels that impact a brighter display These LED panels use fro lighting with basic illumination and various figuration tasks.

For your indoor and outdoor applications “Vision led Pro” offers the best screen solution.

Types of LED display:

  1. Rental LED Display
  2. Transparent LED Display
  3. Fixed LED Display

Indoor fixed LED Display:

Vision Led Pro is offering indoor led displays. These are immovable, fastened and it is fixed at a particular place.

The Led Displays are a great source of advertisement using both indoor and outdoor applications


  1. The thin and light panel
  2. Better visibility
  3. Seamless connection
  4. Safe installation and maintenance
  5. Flexibility size
  6. Versatility
  7. High durable
  8. Good value of money

Outdoor Transparent LED Video-wall:

Outdoor LED Display help to make advertising to be more attractive.


  1. Waterproof and the protection rating is IP67
  2. The LED Display has high brightness of Up to 6500nits
  3. Led Display have high-quality Mask Protect SMD
  4. Rear and Front Maintenance
  5. The transparency up to 72%
  6. LED Display is lightweight

Characteristic of Custom LED Display:

Media-rich display:

If you are looking for a Custom LED Display solution provider and led display manufacturer, then Vision Pro is the best choice for you. You’ll get different sizes and shape cubes, triangles and the shape you want.

Along with outdoor and indoor applications, we have the best technology experts experienced in development. They will design every aspect of your required led display project to meet any application.

Shapes of LED Display:

We can provide you with any type of shape that you want. We are aware of many architectural projects or applications that are designed in a unique form.

We offer creative shapes like sharp curves or unique angles that will provide the audience with an immersion experience.

 If you want creative forms of led display, “Vision led Pro” has experienced and capable members. We are offering multiple forms and designs for our clients.

The display that we offer is cube, triangle, hexagon, pentagon and any other irregular forms.

Creative LED Services:

Vision Led Pro Is offering LED screens in a large number of types and sizes. Our LED screens are rich in digital experiences. That allows us to create a unique led solution for indoor and outdoor events.

Our product is both cost-effective that entirely brings your ideas and concepts to life.

Case Study of Custom LED Display:

  • Led video wall honeycombed design for shopping mall
  • 90 Degree LED Screen showing p3.9mm for shopping Mall.

Choosing custom LED Display

 The led display of “VISION LED PRO” is loved by customers because of its high permeability. The transparent LED screen is becoming more and more mature.

Here are the tips to choose LED Display most professional, easiest and convenient way.

Characteristic of best LED Display:

A good custom LED Display has the following features

  1. Brightness
  2. LED Lamp Chip
  3. Power Cable
  4. Solder quality
  5. LED Transparent Screen Sticking Method
  6. PFC Board Thickness
  7. Easy Maintenance

There are many considerations while choosing the right Custom LED Display. “VISION LED PRO” can help you determine the size, brightness and pixel pitch. Our recommendation will help you get LED Displays at low cost and highly effective solutions that will meet your business needs.


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