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4 Ways to Print Stickers With Minimal Cost

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Business stickers can be used for a variety of things. I’ve seen them used in the office as reminders to get people to take an item to work, to let customers know where one’s located and so on. They can also be used to promote a business, to make an announcement, advertise a product or service. Many businesses also use business stickers to attract new customers. One of the most popular uses is as a marketing tool. Here are some ideas.

o Custom shape – Many companies are opting to create their own shape for business stickers. They may want to match their brand to their company or create a logo that fits the business. There is a wide array of shapes available in various sizes from small, bite-sized stickers that come on A4 sheets to full-size self-adhesive maps and images that could go on as large as your wall.

o Double-sided – Some companies are choosing to use double-sided printing for business stickers. For example, a sandwich label that has a hot sandwich theme. Customers can choose to have a side with their favorite sandwich and then a back side with their choice of another flavor. This type of sticker is best applied in high-gloss tone black and the borders should be solid to create visual continuity. Another good idea is to apply a red background with white polka dots for a fun touch. Remember to use a high-quality printer to prevent sticking and excessive bleeding.

o Waterproof stickers – There is a new trend going on with many business owners and this includes using vinyl for business stickers. This is an excellent way to keep your sticker paper pristine without having to concern yourself with cleaning spills or getting your vinyl surfaces cleaned. Waterproof vinyl is also much easier to remove than standard vinyl. You will be pleased to know that this type of material can also resist UV damage and is available in several vibrant colors.

o Custom stickers – Adding your own personal touch is the best way to get your business stickers on the go. There are many professional custom sticker printers out there with digital printers able to handle any size order quickly and easily. They have sophisticated software and an abundance of creative templates to choose from. Once you’ve chosen your design, they can print it and ship it directly to your door with expedited shipping costs included. You will find custom printed stickers to be cost-effective, especially if you add them to your existing products and distribute them to your customer base with minimal loss of profits.

o Glossy – If you are looking for a very glossy finish on your business stickers, consider using matte vinyl. Matte vinyl is an extremely low-gloss product and can be easily cleaned with soap and water. This type of sticker is ideal for indoor and low-traffic areas, such as waiting areas or counters. The glossiness will not be as noticeable as those sticker printers that use gloss finishes because they are still highly visible under certain light conditions. Due to the glossiness, matte stickers tend to be more expensive than their glass counterparts.


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