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Why is Collecting Hospital Accounts Receivable so Critical

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The CMS rule which took effect from Jan 1, asks hospitals to have pricing information readily available to the patients to compare costs and make more correct decisions. A shift towards value-based care as still 90% of the US adults are still unaware of the CMS price transparency rule.

Clearly, if you are a provider, a lot of the hospitals will look to choose non-compliance fees rather than disclosing their prices online! The question is for how long! There are better ways to take your overall costs down and maybe find an alternative design to reduce your costs in operations.

The challenging fact is, you are already burdened with your rising denials, underpayments. Finding a genuine answer to your accounts payable is a big challenge for a number of healthcare hospital sets ups today. It all needs a serious boost if at all in your hospital accounts receivable bucket.

Sunknowledge has the ideal answer to this

Our versatile presence as a top-class medical billing and services company has been carved with our decades of expertise and knowledge in working with major hospitals. We are working with major insurance payers defining their revenue cycle goals with our understanding.

At present, our robust team of accounts receivable experts works with more than $3 million in hospital accounts receivable. We have reduced costs with our dedicated expertise and have 100’s of references across the industry.

It gives us the courage and confidence to work out a perfect solution for your aging A/R’s. We plan up our process of follow-ups with the payer by prioritizing the accounts and will make sure that no account is left untreated or without a denial reason.

We also go at the front end and eliminate all issues on what had caused the denials in the first place. This back and forth mechanism is what makes us unique in the entire healthcare RCM space. Give us an opportunity to share how we make a genuine difference in your collections and work as your reliable operational extension.


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