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Hospital Accounts Receivable Services

How to reduce days in your Hospital Accounts Receivable?

Today struggling to maintain a profitable ratio and maintaining a financial leeway is quite difficult. Furthermore the growing expenses and financial responsibility and strict billing regulation making the billing process further complicated. So if your practices are struggling to...

The Sunknowledge Advantage in Managing Hospital Accounts Receivable

An efficient accounts receivable management can transfer your complete practice Management. Mounting accounts receivable is nothing but reason for reduced cash flow. In fact it is seen that problem in collection and outstanding claims are few reason for problem...

Why is Collecting Hospital Accounts Receivable so Critical

The CMS rule which took effect from Jan 1, asks hospitals to have pricing information readily available to the patients to compare costs and make more correct decisions. A shift towards value-based care as still 90% of the US...

How to Maximize Revenue in Hospital Accounts Receivable

The biggest worry for many at present is to manage the high volume of inpatient hospitalizations all over the country. Nearly all hospitals at present are facing high backlogs due to inconsistent source of billers and coders as workforce....
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